Regional Hospital District

The purpose of the Regional Hospital District is to pay the regional share (forty percent) of capital costs of providing approved health care facilities, and other grants. It also participates in planning regional health care.

Regional districts are designated under provincial law as Regional Hospital Districts (RHD’s) for the purpose of raising capital funds for hospital facilities in their areas. RHD’s provide the local share (about 40%) of funding for capital costs associated with the construction, acquisition and maintenance of hospital facilitates and major equipment in their areas. These capital costs are shared with the Health Authorities according to criteria established by legislation. RHD boards are comprised of municipal and electoral area directors who are members of the corresponding regional district.

The Fort St. John Hospital and Residential Care Project

The project was announced by the province in April 2008. It is a public private partnership (PPP) between Northern Health and private partner, ISL Health who will design, build, finance and maintain the new facility for a fixed term of 30 years.  ISL Health will be responsible for building maintenance, life cycle repair and renewal, and project financing during the fixed term. All clinical services will continue to be provided by the Provincial Government through Northern Health.

The project, constructed on a 40-acre parcel of land donated by the City of Fort St. John, includes a new 15,000 square metre acute care hospital with 55 acute care beds, an ICU, maternity ward, two state-of-the-art operating rooms, an expanded ER and endoscopy suite. Adjacent to the hospital is a new 7,500 square metre Residential Care Building consisting of 123 beds. The pods are designed to provide physo-geriatric care, special care and palliative care.

Total capital cost of the facility is $297.9 million; this includes $98 million from the Peace River Regional Hospital District. Construction began in June 2009 and opened July 12, 2012.

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