Welcome to our new blog “pRRRdy Talks Trash!” In this blog pRRRdy will be posting all sorts of tips and tricks on recycling and more!

Let’s start the year off right by making New Year’s recycling resolutions! Here are some ways to make 2018 a greener year!

Resolution Ideas

  • Fabric Grocery Bags. You know all those fabric grocery bags you’ve collected over the years, yet always forget to use? Start putting them in your car and make it a habit to start using them when you shop!
  • Meal Planning! This can help you save money as well as reduce food waste. Spend time planning your week of meals, make a list and do one grocery shop for the week. This helps to cut down on buying unnecessary food that may not get eaten! Check out these templates for planning meals and grocery lists, or these apps!
  • Go Digital with bills! This year make the change from mailed statements and bills, to emailed statements and bills. This saves paper and time! Also opt out of receiving mailed catalogs and flyers. This helps the earth and your mail box.
  • Cut down on packaged food. Take some time to make muffins or granola bars for the week’s lunches. Not only is it healthy and saves money, it helps cut down on packaging waste! Here are some ideas for muffins and bars.
  • Bring a reusable mug or cup! Many places actually give a discount for those who bring in a travel mug or reusable cup! Almost all disposable cups are actually covered in plastic therefore they cannot be recycled.

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