Water Stations Help

Using Your Flowpoint Account

Read the Water Station How-To Guide for more information on setting up your account online or watch our tutorial videos!

Complete the signup process online at prrdwater.com or visit one of the PRRD offices in Fort St John or Dawson Creek in person or by phone during regular office hours for assistance.

Once registered, residents will be able to purchase water credits online any time of the day or night from their computer or other device and have access to potable water stations using their individual access code and pin.


How to Set Up a Flowpoint Account


How to Set Your Access Code and Pin


How to Make a Payment Online


Using the Water Station

Instructions for Getting Water:

  1. Park your vehicle in a manner to align your tank opening underneath the discharge hose.
  2. Safely grab the hose and make sure that the fitting is inserted inside your tank.
  3. Go on the keypad and enter your account information.
  4. Enter the desired volume of water in cubic meters and press enter.
    • (1 cubic meter = 1000 Litres = 264 US Gallons)
  5. Confirm that the hose is secured inside your tank and press start to start filling.
  6. The station will automatically stop when the desired volume has been discharged.
  7. In case of overfilling or problems, press stop at any time to stop the flow.
  8. When finished, close the keypad station cover.
  9. Make sure the hose is removed from your tank.
  10. Close the cap on your tank to avoid spills during transportation.


Still having problems? Contact a PRRD Office nearest you at 250-785-8084 (Fort St John) or 250-784-3200 (Dawson Creek) for further assistance. 

For immediate maintenance emergencies, please call Aquatech at 1-250-329-7929. 

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