Waste-Free Valentine’s Gifts

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!  Are you needing a last minute gift idea?  Well, we got you covered with some last minute ideas that are also waste conscious!

Here are some ideas for your significant other:

  1. Naked flowers or Plants!

What are naked flowers? They are flowers but don’t have them wrapped up!  This way you don’t have that excess packaging that would be wasted. Don’t forget you can compost the flowers once they’re dead.  Or opt for a plant!

  1. Give the gift of experiences!

Get out and create some memories!  This can be going to a movie, going for a walk, a snowshoe, or even cross country skiing. 

  1. Make a nice meal!

Whether you stay in or go out, light some candles and enjoy some time together.

Here are some ideas for the kids:

  1. Bulky candy in mason jars!

Use small mason jars (4oz) or any kind of reusable jar and get it filled with bulk candy from your grocery store.   This doesn’t even have to be candy, you could do dried fruit or nuts for a healthier version.

  1. Cards!

Make your cards from used paper or if you’re not that crafty you can purchase commercial cards that are made from recycled materials.  Additionally, make sure you purchase cards that can be recycled.  Did you know that cards with music devices, glitter, and non-paper add-ons are not recyclable?


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pRRRdy Pal of the Month

We are looking for our pRRRdy Pal of the Month!  What is a pRRRdy Pal?  Well, its an individual, a group of people, or a business that is being waste-wise, following the 3 Rs, or practicing waste reduction.  Are you that someone?  Do you know someone?  Email prrd.dc@prrd.bc.ca and let us know or comment on facebook!  The pRRRdy Bird wants to feature you!


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