To go outside or stay in?

It is the end of April, Spring should be beginning and yet snow, snow, and more snow is still in our future! Who is sick of winter and is more than READY for spring? This pRRRdy bird sure is!

On Sunday April 22 it is EARTH DAY and I wanted to talk about some ways to celebrate the outdoors while indoors!

If you are feeling antsy and want to get outdoors you should try this new fitness craze – plogging!

Plogging is a fun way to be active outdoors while cleaning up your neighbourhood and helping the environment – win, win right? Plogging began in Sweden and is literally, sweeping the global. It is a mash up of the word jogging and the Swedish word “plocka upp”, which means pick up. So plogging is the act of picking up litter while jogging. Cool eh?

Here are a few articles to learn more about it:

I say we start a challenge of who can pick up the most? Who is with me? Also if you are on facebook, twitter, or Instagram check out #plogging for more information.

Now since winter seems to be never ending, many of you might want to wait for “nicer” weather to plog. If you want to hibernate and avoid the snow here are some pretty cool environmentally themed movies and documentaries to watch in celebration of Earth Day.

Fun movies for the whole family:

  • The Lorax; although not nearly as good as the book, Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax is a very colorful and humorous way to introduce kids to the idea of what could happen if we don’t protect our natural resources. With lots of humor and a great message, it’s definitely worth a look!
  • Wall-E; although kids will adore this amazingly personable robot, Wall-E also has a strong environmental message. The film portrays what could happen if all the natural resources in the world are used. It’s really a unique movie – there is almost no talking during the whole first half of the movie! Viewers will really get some insight into how human behavior can have a negative impact on our environment.
  • Ferngully; join Crystal, a tree fairy, and Zac, a human, as they work together to fight the destruction of the rainforest. Kids will enjoy the excitement and get a better understanding of why it’s important to preserve our forests.
  • Plant Earth: 11 different episodes that focus on various places found on earth (such as mountains, water, deserts, etc.). It showcases environmental issues, including the plight of endangered animals, and poses questions about how life on earth will change in the future.

Fun Documentaries to watch:

  • An Inconvenient Truth; One of the most widely recognized documentaries that focuses on climate change is An Inconvenient Truth featuring Al Gore. It follows his journey to raise awareness around global warming and how he himself learned about the issue. Combining footage pieces, narration, and clips from TEDtalks, it is a well-rounded look at what climate change is, why it is happening, and what it means for our future. This documentary stands out because of its ability to explain climate change so simplistically while still maintaining a scientific accuracy in its explanations. Please remember as you are watching it though that it is almost eleven years old so some of the information is a little out-dated.
  • A Convenient Sequel, Truth to Power; New to Netflix this month, Al Gore continues his tireless drive to influence climate policy and show that the planet still has a chance. This is one movie that this pRRRdy bird wants to watch!
  • A Plastic Ocean; Focusing on plastic pollution in the ocean, this documentary takes a very real, hard look at the effects of plastic on marine wildlife. Reviews state, if you are a little squeamish, be prepared as they do show graphic images of birds and fish being gutted with plastic pieces filling their stomachs. Your heart will be ripped out by some of the stories you hear about the people who live on a plastic filled island with no place to go.
  • Minimalism; people dedicated to rejecting the Western Ideal that things bring you happiness are interviewed in the documentary showing the virtues of less is more. This is one movie that this pRRRdy bird wants to watch!

Tell us what you think! Did you watch any? What recommendations do you have? Comment on our facebook post!

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