The PRRD’s Integrative Approach to Invasive Plants

The PRRD uses a well-rounded approach to manage invasive plants. This includes hand-pulling, spot spraying, and re-seeding areas. Our goal is to reduce the need for spraying on lands owned and legally occupied by the PRRD in line with the Noxious Weeds Act.

There has been some misunderstanding within our communities that the Peace River Regional District (PRRD) plans to spray invasive plants along railways and roadsides. This has led to a mix of public opinions.

The PRRD does not treat federal, provincial, or private lands.  

The PRRD also maintains a priority list for species not classified as “Noxious Weeds.” This list helps land managers in our region prioritize treatments on their lands by considering social, economic, and environmental impacts.

Our invasive plant program aims to:

  • increase awareness on the potential impacts of invasive plants,
  • prevent the introduction of new invasive plant species,
  • contain existing infestations to prevent further spread,
  • ensure compliance with existing legislation,
  • restore land. 

We welcome participation and contribution to this program. The PRRD website posts the Annual Strategic Plan and the Invasive Plant Priority List for public review. Please visit our website to review these documents:

For questions regarding the program, contact

Want to be more involved? Join us in the fall at the Strategic Plan and Profile Monitoring Committee of the Peace River Regional District. Meeting dates will be posted on the PRRD website and social media platforms.

If you’d like to be added as an invitee, please send an email directly to and we’ll add you to the mailing list!

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