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Potable Water Systems in the PRRD

In 2015, a referendum was held for Electoral Areas B, C, and D to find out if residents would like potable water stations. While this referevndum failed, it was noted that residents of Electoral Area B had voted mostly yes. In the fall of 2016, Director Goodings established the Water Advisory Group to provide comment on the proposed service areas, the water development plan, proposed taxation rate, and the public approval process. In 2017, the referendum was held for Electoral Area B Potable Water Stations, which showed that the majority of residents were in favor of the water stations. The PRRD, along with the water advisory group, began implementing the water stations and in 2019, stations were open in Buick Creek, Prespatou, Feye Spring, and Boundary. In order to operate our stations and provide potable water for sale and use, the water quality must meet Northern Health Standards.  This includes how we disinfect and filter our water.

The Peace River Regional District manages the water distribution to the airport subdivision, located in Electoral Area C. The treatment of water in the airport subdivision is handled by certified water operators employed at North Peace Regional Airport.


Potable Water – refers to water that is safe to drink and fit for household use without further treatment.

Water Treatment – includes filtration and/or disinfection.

Water Distribution – a system of pipes and hydrants which bring potable drinking water to customer’s taps and toilets.

Water Tank Loaders – well water systems for public use in rural areas.


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