Water and Sewer

The Regional District, in partnership with the Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration Division of Agriculture Canada, has undertaken water investigations throughout the region. To date test drilling has been done at Arras, Sunset Prairie, Chetwynd, Fort St. John, Groundbirch, Kiskatinaw, Moberly Lake, Pouce Coupe, Prespatou, Rolla and Wonowon.

Rural Water and Sewer

Sewer systems are operated at:

  • Charlie Lake
  • Chilton Subdivision
  • Friesen Subdivision
  • Harper/Imperial Subdivision
  • Kelly Lake
  • Rolla
  • Water and sewer at the Fort St. John airport subdivision

Charlie Lake Sewer Lagoon Upgrades

December 12, 2015,  the necessary upgrades to the Charlie Lake Sewer collection system and lagoons were completed. Upgrading the system enabled increased capacity for future growth in the Charlie Lake area and improved operations of existing sewer systems and waste water treatment. To learn more about the collection system upgrades see the presentation, which was introduced to the Charlie Lake community during a public meeting held on June 20th, 2013 and also see the Frequently Asked Questions document.

For more information, please contact the Peace River Regional at 250 784-3200.

Tank Loader Stations

  • Boundary Lake – 1107 Cecil Lake Road
  • Buick Creek (to be constructed 2018)
  • Feye Spring – 1863 Imperial Avenue
  • Prespatou – 21869 Triad Road
  • Rose Prairie (to be constructed 2018)

Technical Specifications for Septic Tanks

Charlie Lake Sewer Network

Harper Imperial Subdivision Sewer Network

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