Water and Sewer

The Buick, Prespatou, Boundary and Feye Springs Water Stations are now open! 

Construction is still underway for Rose Prairie Water Station.  We thank you for your patience. Read the Rose Prairie Water Station Frequently Asked Questions here!

Water credits will be charged starting on June 15th at a rate of $3.00/m3.

Complete the signup process online at prrdwater.com or visit one of the PRRD offices in Fort St John or Dawson Creek in person or by phone during regular office hours for assistance.

Once registered, residents will be able to purchase water credits online any time of the day or night from their computer or other device and have access to potable water stations using their individual access code and pin.

Read the Water Station How-To Guide for more information on setting up your account online or watch our tutorial videos!


How to Set Up a Flowpoint Account


How to Set Your Access Code and Pin


How to Make a Payment



Potable Water Systems in the PRRD

Potable drinking water refers to water that is safe to drink and fit for household use without further treatment.


Water Treatment – includes filtration and/or disinfection.

Water Distribution – system of pipes and hydrants which bring potable drinking water to customer’s taps and toilets.

Water Tank Loaders – well water systems for public use in rural areas.

Water Treatment

Water Tank Loaders

There are five water tank loader locations in rural areas of the PRRD. Construction and/or upgrades are planned in 2018/19 to make these systems potable.

Boundary Lake – 1105 Cecil Lake Road

Buick – 14853 Buick Creek Road

Feye Spring – 1863 Imperial Avenue

Prespatou – 21869 Triad Road

Rose Prairie – 15615 259 Road, North Pine

Electoral Area B Potable Water Stations

The Buick, Prespatou, Feye Spring, and Boundary Water Stations are now open! Stations are open 24 hours a day. Please see the instructions below for more details on how to fill your tanks or instructions are also posted at the buildings.

Instructions for Obtaining Water

  1. Park your vehicle in a manner to align your tank opening underneath the discharge hose.
  2. Safely grab the hose and make sure that the fitting is inserted inside your tank.
  3. Go on the keypad and enter your account information.
  4. Enter the desired volume of water in cubic meters and press enter
    • (1 cubic meter = 1000 Litres = 264 US Gallons)
  5. Confirm that the hose is secured inside your tank and press start to start filling.
  6. The station will automatically stop when the desired volume has been discharged.
  7. In case of overfilling or problems, press stop at any time to stop the flow.
  8. When finished, close the keypad station cover.
  9. Make sure the hose is removed from your tank.
  10. Close the cap on your tank to avoid spills during transportation.


For a map of Water Tank Loaders, visit the PRRD Web Map here.

Water Distribution at the Fort St. John Airport Subdivision

The Peace River Regional District manages the water distribution to the airport subdivision, located in Electoral Area C. The treatment of water in the airport subdivision is handled by certified water operators employed at North Peace Regional Airport.

Wastewater Treatment and Collection

The proper collection and disposal of wastewater (sewage) is an essential part of health protection and disease prevention.


Wastewater Treatment – refers to “cleaning up” used water by means of settling processes (as in lagoons) and is sometimes combined with filtration and disinfection.

Wastewater Collection – refers to an underground pipe system which directs the wastewater to pump stations and then to lagoons or treatment plants.

Wastewater Treatment

There are three wastewater treatment lagoon systems operated by the PRRD.

Charlie Lake – treatment lagoon system with aeration and an onsite truck receiving facility.

Kelly Lake – treatment lagoon system with a constructed treatment wetland.

Rolla – treatment lagoon system with aeration.

 Wastewater Collection

The PRRD provides wastewater collection in the following locations:

Charlie Lake – pressurized system with pump station

Kelly Lake – combination gravity and pumping to lagoons

Rolla – combination gravity and pumping to lagoons

Fort St John (FSJ) Airport Sub – gravity to airport pump station to north FSJ lagoons

Chilton – combination gravity and pumping to City of Dawson Creek lagoons

Friesen – gravity to City of Dawson Creek lagoons

Harper/Imperial – combination gravity and pressurized system with pumping to City of Dawson Creek lagoons

Charlie Lake Wastewater Treatment and Collection System

The Charlie Lake system is the largest of the PRRD Wastewater Treatment and Collection Systems. Upgrades in 2015 improved the treatment processes. With these upgrades there were costs involved and, as a result, the Charlie Lake Development Cost Charge (DCC) bylaw was established. The DCC is a way of recovering the costs of upgrading the Charlie Lake Sewer collection and treatment infrastructure. A service area has been established and any new hook-ups to the system within the established area are required to pay a development cost charge. For the Charlie Lake Sewer Bylaw and associated costs, click here.

Connecting to PRRD Wastewater Collection (Sewer) Systems

New homebuilders are required to have their newly constructed residences inspected at different stages. The cost of permits for these connections vary between $100.00 and $250.00 depending on the location of the excavation. For more information on wastewater collection connection (sewer hook-up) in the PRRD contact the Environmental Services Coordinator (250) 784-3200.

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