FAQs: Planning

Building or Renovating a House

How do I apply for a 911 house number?
The instructions and application form can be found on the House (911) Numbering page of our website. You may also pick up an application form from either office. For assistance, our GIS Department will be glad to explain the procedure to you.

Do I need a building permit?
Building permits are required in specified areas of the Peace River Regional District (Building Bylaw No. 2131, 2014). For more information, please see the Building Inspection webpage or contact the Building Inspector at 250 784-3200.

Do I need a sewage or water permit?
New onsite sewerage systems, like lagoons, fall under the jurisdiction of Northern Health and are regulated by the Sewerage System Regulation. A “Registered Onsite Wastewater Practitioner” must be used to plan and install the system. A Practitioner can be found through Onsite Wastewater Registration Program. For drinking water systems please contact the Northern Health Authority.

If you are located in any of the following communities (Charlie Lake, Chilton Subdivision, Friesen Subdivision, Harper/Imperial Subdivision, Kelly Lake, Rolla, Fort St. John airport subdivision) please contact the PRRD for sewer connection requirements.

How do I get an occupancy permit?
The Regional District offers a Building Inspection Service; however, the PRRD does not issue Occupancy Permits.

Property Information

Who is the owner of “this specific” piece of land?
The Regional District cannot provide a land owner’s name, due to the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act. However, we can provide a legal description or a parcel identity number (PID) which you can use to perform a land title search at the Land Title Survey Authority.

What kind of information can I get about a property in the Regional District and how do I access it?
The Regional District can provide information regarding regulations that pertain to individual properties, such as zoning and Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) status. We can search our property files for past applications, historical records, old correspondences, or building permits that may have impacted the property.

Can I get a copy of my land parcel survey plan?
We can not release that information; however, if you require a copy of your legal survey plan, plans can be requested from the Land Title Survey Authority (LTSA). For more information please visit the Land Title Survey Authority.


How do I apply to subdivide my property?
The Regional District plays a large role in the subdivision application process; please check with a Land Use Planner to determine if your proposed subdivision is consistent with the ALR and/or Zoning regulations. All subdivision proposals will require final approval from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

Operating a Business

Can I operate “… …” business from my home? Or does my zoning allow this “…” specific land use?

The list of permitted uses for land and home-based businesses differ according to lot size and zone. Please contact our Land Use Planner to discuss the details of the proposal or business.

Do I need a Business license to operate my home-based business within the Regional District?
No, Business licenses are not required by the Peace River Regional District. However, please check with a Land Use Planner to determine if your home-based business is consistent with the ALR and/or Zoning regulations.


What kind of maps can I purchase from the Regional District?
The Regional District has a limited number of maps available such as:

  • Rural Fire Protection Area Maps
  • Rural Road Maps and Atlases for North and South Peace areas
  • Northeast BC Outdoor Recreation Maps
  • Agricultural Land Reserve Maps
  • Canada Land Inventory Soil Capability Maps
  • Emergency Services Zone (ESZ) Maps

Do you have any regional-based maps / with land owner names?
No, the Regional District does not have maps with landowner names, due to the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act.