Building Inspection

Building inspections are conducted according to standards for construction in the general public’s interest for  public health and safety, and are provided by performing site inspections throughout the construction of the project.

There is a full-time Building Inspector for the Regional District in the Dawson Creek office. If you intend to start construction you should first check with the building inspector regarding requirements to obtain a building permit by phone at 250-784-3200 or 1-800-670-7773  or email at

All residential construction requires a New Home Registration Form from BC Housing, Licensing and Consumer Services. This registration provides Home Warranty Insurance and can be obtained by the Owner Builder or a Licensed Registered Builder.

Permits are required for all gas and electrical work being undertaken by homeowners and contractors. Please contact Technical Safety BC for applications and inquiries.

Peace River Regional District Building Inspection Forms and Information:

Building Inspection Guide for Residential Construction
Building Permit Application
Landowner / Homeowner Consent Form
Building Inspection Checklist
Information Sheet and Checklist for Detached Garages and Small Buildings
Brochure for Decks
Information Sheet and Checklist for Decks
PRRD Building Bylaw No. 2131, 2014
Mandatory Building Permit Area Viewable Map (36×42)
Mandatory Building Permit Area Printable Map (11×17)
Energy Efficiency Compliance
Design Data for Selected PRRD Locations
Ventilation Checklist 1 – Forced Air Systems
Ventilation Checklist 2 – HRV Systems
Ventilation Checklist 3 – Distributed CRV Systems
Ventilation Checklist 4 – Exhaust Fan and Passive Inlets

How long will it take to process my application?

For residential applications, we strive to maintain a turn-around of ten (10) working days. You will be contacted as soon as your permit is ready. Payment is required at the time the permit is picked up.

Is a Development Permit required?

A Development Permit is required before any construction can commence or a building permit can be issued for those properties that are within any of the designated Development Permit areas of the PRRD. Contact the planning staff or follow this link to see if your property is within a Development Permit Area.

In order to assist us with expediting your application, the recommended steps are:

  • Make a preliminary inquiry about the land use regulations and feasibility of your proposal to the Regional District Building Department; call 250-784-3200 or 800-670-7773.
  • Complete the required application for a building permit
  • Complete the application include construction and site plan drawings
  • Construction plans must conform to the most recent edition of the BC Building Code.

Some additional forms that may be required (where applicable):

  • Licensing and Consumer Services authorization
  • Letters of Assurance, Schedules B-1 and B-2 (Found on the BC Codes website)
  • Notification of Installation for Plumbing Systems
  • Mechanical ventilation check list

The Building Inspector may issue a building permit subject to the following:

(1) All requirements for the application have been submitted; AND
(2) A satisfactory review of the application has been completed; AND
(3) The building permit fee and other applicable fees have been paid.

It is the owner’s responsibility to:

  • Carry out the work authorized by a permit in accordance with the requirements of the BC Building Code and the bylaws of the Peace River Regional District
  • Ensure that a building permit is obtained prior to commencing any construction
  • Ensure that requests for inspections are made with at least 48 hours notice
  • Ensure that all forms and applications have been completed in full and properly endorsed
  • Display a copy of the building permit where it may be visible upon entering the property

Personnel performing plumbing work must:

  • Possess a BC Tradesman’s qualifications certification as a plumber, OR
  • Be an indentured apprentice supervised by a BC Journeyman Plumber, OR
  • Be the registered owner and occupier of the single family dwelling provided that that building inspector has been provided with proof that the owner is able to satisfactorily complete the proposed work.

Building Permit Fees:

Fees payable for the issuance of a building permit are based on 1/2 of 1% of the estimated construction value, plumbing fees included. The minimum building permit fee is $100.

Additional fees:

  1. Sewer permits and their associated fees may be required, click on the following links to see if you are within any of the PRRD community sewer boundary areas.
  1. The Charlie Lake Development Cost Charge fee may apply to new construction within the Charlie Lake sewer boundary. Follow this link for more information on the Charlie Lake Development Cost Charge.
  2. School Site Acquisition fee of $1,000 may apply to new residential construction within School District 60, Peace River North. For more information contact School District 60.

Please contact the Regional District to see if any of these additional fees apply to your building project.

For more information or to apply, contact the Dawson Creek office at 250 784-3200 [800 670-7773] or view the staff list for a direct number for the person you wish to contact.

Building a Dock?

The Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development permits docks within the Regional District. Find their regulations and other useful information here:
Designing Your Dock or Boat Launch, Requirements and Best Management Practices.