Mapping and GIS


The mapping and Geographic Information System (GIS) section inputs, processes, maintains, analyzes and outputs digital data in the form of hard copy maps and reports from databases. We utilize Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS), Computer Assisted Design/Drafting (CAD), and  GIS software to maintain the digital data and produce various products. We maintain the GIS database for House numbering in the 911 emergency services provided by the PRRD. We also maintain digital data for other jurisdictions. We are re-sellers of map products as well as special purpose maps produced in-house.

911 Civic Addressing

If you require a 911 civic address for your property within the Peace River Regional District please click here. If you are unsure if a civic address has been issued to your dwelling our interactive web map allows for that information to be identified or feel free to contact us directly.

Interactive Web Mapmap_screens

The Peace River Regional District is pleased to introduce you to its Interactive Web Map. This Interactive Web Map provides information on your civic address, land parcels, boundaries, legal land descriptions, zoning, official community plan, rural fire protection area as well as other geographic features such as rivers, streams, roads, and boundaries. Access the web map.

We have recently updated our web map to improve functionality to allow for access on mobile devices. We are very much interested in hearing your comments.  Please email your comments or any difficulties in viewing this site to Aden Fulford.

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View the Web Map

 The Geographic Information System (GIS) is a technological discipline that integrates hardware, software and geographic (spatial) data (such as boundaries, water features, grids, roads, and aerial photos etc.) for capturing, analyzing, displaying, modelling and assessing real world problems. Multiple layers of geographic data or information can be displayed within a single web application called an “Interactive Web Map”. This information can be retrieved from different data sources (spatial databases/files) sitting on multiple computer servers.

Print Maps

The PRRD does not sell its digital map data at this time. The following printed maps are available from the Dawson Creek and the Fort St. John offices upon request.

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