NEW Grant Writer Services

The PRRD understands that Grant Writing can be an overwhelming and time consuming task for many community organizations. The PRRD is pleased to announce it now offers a Grant Writer Service to organizations within the region. This free services is provided through Adlard Environmental Ltd. who can help various community groups with applying for potential Non-PRRD funded grants. A Grant Writer can assist to identify potential funding opportunities, define project goals and budgets, research and submit grant applications. To contact the Grant Writer email or call 1-867-456-7596 or 250-262-2941

Where to begin: Grant Writing Worksheet
Newsletter: Newsletter Spring 2018

Regional Grants

Recreational Trails Grants
Application Intake Deadline: November 15, 2018
Purpose: To provide support and supplemental funding to non-profit organizations for the development, maintenance and improvement of recreational trails within the region for public use.

Policy and Forms:
Recreational Trails Grant Policy
Application Form (Schedule A)
Claim Form (Schedule B)
Annual Project Report (Schedule C)
Application Checklist (Schedule D)
Funding Amendment (Schedule E)
Funding Recognition Guidelines

Grants to Community Organizations

Application Intake Deadline:  Year Round
Purpose: To support regional events that have an economic benefit to the region.
Policy and Forms:
Grants to Community Organizations Policy
Grants to Community Organizations Application Form
Funding Recognition Guidelines 

Search and Rescue Grants

Application Intake: May 31, 2019
Purpose: To supplement the operating funds for Search and Rescue groups in the PRRD.
Policy & Forms:
Search & Rescue Grant Policy 
Search & Rescue Grant Application Form  
 Search & Rescue Grant Claim Form

Economic Development Grants

Application Intake Deadline: October 15, 2018
The Peace River Regional District is currently accepting grant applications for economic development projects for the 2019 budget cycle.  Applications may be considered for capital projects, events, and/or programs.  Organizations may request multi-year funding up to 3 years for ongoing projects/programs.  Applicants must be a registered BC non-profit society or local government.  Applicants are encouraged to submit a cover letter that:

  • describes their project/program;
  • describes their organization; and
  • outlines the communities that will benefit from the project/program.

Policy and Forms:
Grant Application Form
Application forms must include a Project Budget and Financial Statements.

Questions? Call 250 784-3200 or email

NOTE – All Grant applications may be submitted by email to, by mail to PO Box 810, Dawson Creek, BC  V1G 4H8, or in person to our the Dawson Creek or Fort St John office. 

Rural Grants

Rural Recreational and Cultural Grant-in-Aid
Application Intake Deadline: January 31, 2019
Purpose: To support recreational, social and cultural non-profit organizations located throughout the electoral areas of the region with grant funding for capital projects, programming, insurance and special events.
Guides and Forms:
GIA Program Guide 
Grant-in-Aid Policy 
Application Checklist  
Application Form 
Claim Form 
Claim Form 
Annual Report 
Funding Amendment 
Funding Recognition Guidelines 

Rural Fair Share and Rural Gas Tax Grants
Application Intake Deadline:  Year Round
Purpose: To support rural infrastructure and services.
Policy and Forms:
Fair Share & Gas Tax Policies
Grant Application Form
Electrical Extension Grant Application 
Natural Gas Extension Grant Application 
Grant Claim Form
Funding Recognition Guidelines

Rural Youth Travel Grants

Application Intake Deadline: Year Round
Application Form: by letter of request
Purpose: Youth travel grants may be provided to youth sports organizations or individual players who have qualified to compete at a provincial, national or international competition. Youth Travel Policy 

NOTE – All Grant applications may be submitted by email to, by mail to PO Box 810, Dawson Creek, BC  V1G 4H8, or in person to our the Dawson Creek or Fort St John office.