Solid Waste in the PRRD

Do you want to know more about the Solid Waste and Recycling Programs in the Region?  Well, you have found the right place! This section of the website is aimed to provide extra and more detailed information on Solid Waste in the Region.

Find out more about the Solid Waste Management Plan here!

Keeping the Waste Stream Clean! 

pRRRdy is asking residents in the Region to be extra careful when recycling so that we can reduce the amount of contamination in the regional recycling stream.

As of July 1, 2018 curbside recycling and the recycling stations rules are changing – plastic film and bags will no longer be accepted in the curbside program. 

Plastic bags, overwrap, and film will still be collected at recycling stations just in separate bins.  Below is a guide on how to recycle:

Keeping the Waste Stream Clean – Recycling Poster

These changes will help keep the recycling stream clean!