Plans and Strategies

Solid Waste Management Plan

Zero waste is the long term goal for waste management in the Region. 

Solid Waste Management Plan – Updated 2016

The PRRD developed a Regional Solid Waste Management Plan that was approved in 2009 and updated in 2016.  The Plan addresses three key areas:

  • Greater efficiency of programs and services
  • Greater focus on reducing, reusing, and recycling to protect our environment
  • Greater focus on sustainable management to protect future generations

Solid Waste Activities and Achievements include:

  • Construction of modern controlled transfer stations will replace unattended existing facilities
    • 15 transfer stations have already been built between 2012-2016
    • Six more transfer stations will be built in 2019/2021 to complete the network
  • Share Shed programs have been launched at all rural transfer stations.  The North Peace Regional Landfill’s Share Shed opened the summer of 2014! 
  • Landfill gas management system was constructed and built in 2013, and has been operational since 2014.  Vertical Well Expansion is currently taking place
  • Developing a variety of public awareness and education programs to further promote waste reduction
  • Recycling program to divert multi-materials from landfills
  • Waste Composition Audit started in Spring of 2017 and consist of four sampling events, where the last sample occurred in Winter 2018.
  • Development of wood waste management plan with a pilot composting project

Waste Composition Audit

The Peace River Regional District completed a year-long waste composition at all three regional landfills between Spring of 2017 and Winter 2018.  To read the report click the following link: Four Season Report.