Landfill Gas

Landfill Gas System

You may ask why does the Region need a Landfill Gas (LFG) system?  Well, landfills operate under the authority of a Waste Management Permit that is issued by the Ministry of Environment (MOE).  In 2009, the MOE enacted the Landfill Gas Management Regulation to support the local government’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) by at least 33% below the current levels by 2020.  Within this Regulation, province-wide criteria were established for landfill gas capture from municipal solid waste landfills.  Under this Regulation, the PRRD was required to conduct a gas generation assessment of the North Peace Regional Landfill to determine if a gas management facility needed to be installed at the site.  The PRRD conducted the assessment; it was revealed that the landfill exceeds the 1000 tonnes/year regulatory threshold for methane production, thus requiring the installation of a gas management system by the year 2012.

In December 2014, the LFG System at the North Peace Regional Landfill was commissioned and began operating in March of 2015.  This project took several years to complete and the cost was offset by funding opportunities through the Federal Gas Tax Fund.  The initial LFG system consisted of several horizontal wells that were buried within the older waste.  

In 2018, the LFG system was expanded in “fresher” waste within Phase 2 of the landfill, where 7 vertical wells were installed and tied into the existing system. 

The LFG system will be expanded again with Phase 2 where more vertical wells will be installed within the waste.