Solid Waste Fees and Bylaws


Fees for solid waste, recycling, and other materials are based on weight or volume depending on the site you are visiting.   The Solid Waste Fee By-Law can be found here.

Cash, debit, master card, and visa are all acceptable payment methods at our landfills and transfer stations.

Weight Based Fees

Landfill Sign (2)

Weight Based fees are applied to sites with a scale, which includes:

All three Landfills – Bessborough, Chetwynd, and the North Peace Regional Landfills, and Dawson Creek and Prespatou Transfer Stations

Volume Based Fees

tier 2 volume based fees

Volume Based Fees are applied to sites without scales, which includes:

Rose Prairie, Tomslake, Cecil Lake, Kelly Lake, Wonowon, Buick Creek, Goodlow, and Pink Moutain

For more information regarding associated fees please refer to our by-laws that can be found here or call 1-800-670-7773

Need to apply for an account at a landfill, please fill out the following form Commercial Solid Waste Credit Application and by calling 1-800-670-7773.

Oil and Gas Notice – Prohibited Waste


Contaminated Soils Protocol can be found here.  Contaminated Soils can be accepted at the Bessborough, North Peace, and Chetwynd Landfills with prior approval from the PRRD provided it meets the criteria set out the Contaminated Soils Protocol.