Charlie Lake Fire Department

The Charlie Lake Fire Department (CLFD), operated by the Peace River Regional District, is staffed by a full time Fire Chief, a full time Deputy Chief and 30+ enthusiastic volunteer firefighters out of one fire hall. The department currently responds to 80 to 100 calls for service a year and protects 125 square km’s with a population of 3,700. Full time staff are at the hall 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday.

The fire hall houses 6 apparatus and 2 command trucks

  • 2014 GMC Command/Brush Truck (Squad 3)
  • 2014 Chevy Command Truck (Squad 1)
  • 2013 Rosenbauer Tender (Tender 1)
  • 2006 Hub Engine (Engine 2)
  • 2005 Ford Brush Truck (Squad 2)
  • 1999 Fort Gary Engine (Engine 1)
  • 1986 Superior Tender (Tender 2)
  • 1986 Chevy Brush Truck ( Brush 1)

The CLFD trains it’s firefighters to the Pro Board Accredited National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1001 Level 2 Standard and currently has 20, 1001 Level 2 qualified firefighters. The CLFD usually recruits new firefighters once per year, which takes place in September.  There are several steps to becoming a firefighter with the CLFD including:

  • Recruit Package Completion including Medical Clearance and RCMP Criminal Records Check
  • Physical Demands Test
  • Interview
  • Station Assessment
  • Offer of Position

Once offered a position as probationary firefighter with the CLFD, the recruit must complete a 3 month new firefighter orientation program before being issued pagers.

For more information on recruitment, registering your burn pile, barrel or fire pit, or any other information about the Charlie Lake Fire Department please call the fire hall at 250-785-1424.  In the event of an emergency, call 911.


To see a listing of all fire departments in our region check here

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