911 Services

9-1-1 Civic Addressing

Have you just built a new home or business in the rural areas of the Peace River Regional District? If so, it is important that you apply for a 9-1-1 house number. 9-1-1 house numbering is an ongoing service that assigns and maintains a system of rural house numbering and mapping to support the regional 9-1-1 Emergency Call service. The data is held in a GIS system that identifies the house location, road network, and parcel information.

911 Civic Address Application 2018

Fill in an application with all the available information and submit it, along with a sketch showing the location of the house and driveway on the property to a Regional District office. Also, provide measurements of both house and driveway with respect to the property boundaries. You may also use our                   Interactive Webmap to create your map.

Recommendations on posting Civic Address Signage

All emergency response agencies (police, ambulance and fire) are provided with maps, and the telephone companies (Telus and NorthWest Tel) are provided with the 9-1-1 house address which links with their phone number data in order to provide emergency 9-1-1 call services.

Submit the completed application:

  • by e-mail to: prrd.dc@prrd.bc.ca
  • by fax to: [250] 784-3201
  • in person at Dawson Creek or Fort St. John office
  • by mail to Peace River Regional District, Box 810, Dawson Creek, BC V1G 4H8

9-1-1 Emergency Call Answer Service

The PRRD provides enhanced 9-1-1 Emergency Services to all municipalities and electoral areas of the Regional District. Personnel at the 9-1-1 Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) determine the nature of the emergency and transfer the caller to the appropriate response agency – police, fire or ambulance.

The 9-1-1 Emergency Services also includes fire/rescue radio dispatch for eleven fire departments throughout our region. The fire dispatch centers are located at the Dawson Creek and Fort St John Fire Departments.