PRRD Groundwater Baseline Project

The PRRD Groundwater Baseline Project is being conducted by GW Solutions for the Peace River Regional District. The project will establish a comprehensive understanding of regional groundwater resources and share that information with PRRD residents. 

 What does the project consist of?

  • Understanding where groundwater is present in the subsurface, and how it moves in permeable soil layers (aquifers) and in fractured bedrock
  • The first phase of the project focuses on gathering information from the provincial water well database and available mapping and coordinating activities with provincial agencies and partners regarding other related groundwater studies that are underway in the region
  • Compiling existing surface water and groundwater quality data into a public database
  • Creating tools and visuals to illustrate the meaning of the information
  • Supporting water purveyors with improved understanding of shallow aquifers and recharging river systems. The Kistkatinaw, Pine, Murray and Peace rivers supply the drinking water to the majority of the PRRD population and other users, either directly indirectly during low flow
  • Providing “water related information” to support PRRD land planning and water development initiatives
  • Engaging with First Nations throughout the process; and
  •  Assisting in education and water strategies through the sharing of information.

 Who is doing the study?

 The project is led by GW Solutions Inc., a consulting firm specializing in the characterization and protection of groundwater. The study team also includes a project communications consultant (Hoggan and Associates) and a local planning firm (InterraPlan Inc) to support project implementation. The work is being undertaken under commission by the PRRD.

 What is distinct about the project?

 People in the Peace River Regional District will be informed about where their groundwater comes from and its quality.  Information will be public and easily accessible in a short timeframe.

 The project will deliver maps and 3D images describing the aquifers and the groundwater regime.  This has never been done before in the region.   It will also provide a regional description of the water quality; as well as being a first for the region.

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