Rose Prairie Water Station January Update

Following the last Rose Prairie Water Station Update on December 20, 2019, the Electoral Area Directors Committee made a resolution to authorize testing a second water well near the water station as a potential alternative water source while work continues on the existing sulphide/turbidity issues.


What is Happening Now:

  • Staff are working to identify potential well locations nearby the water station to drill and test to look for better water sources with less Sulphides.
  • While we identify potential new wells, Aquatech and PRRD Staff are continuing to look at ways of decreasing the amount of Sulphides and turbidity (cloudiness) of the current water at the water station to meet Ministry of Health guidelines.


Another thank you to all the residents who have been waiting to use the Rose Prairie Water Station while we work through these issues and ensure the health and safety of the water quality. The next update on the Rose Prairie Water Station will be posted by the end of February 2020. Learn more about the Rose Prairie Water Station by visiting the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page at