Returning Home: Where to take garbage

We recognize that cleaning up after an evacuation may involve some additional waste and larger items that need disposal.

Safety Alert: Material that was previously on fire cannot be accepted at PRRD landfills or transfer stations until it has been extinguished for at least 30 days, or is accompanied with a letter from a recognized municipal, local or volunteer fire department, confirming that the material has been fully extinguished and is ready for disposal.  This is to reduce the risk of fires in bins.

Landfills & Transfer Stations: Locations & Hours of Operation

The landfills and transfer stations are open on varying schedules.

For locations and hours of operation, please visit Landfills & Transfer Stations or call the PRRD at 250-784-3200 for assistance.

Dealing with large amounts of garbage:

Cleanup Coupon

  • Each property can request a Cleanup Coupon, which can be used up to four times each year to drop off larger amounts of garbage for free at the PRRD transfer stations or landfills. The Coupon has details on how they can be used.
  • You must haul your own waste (no commercial service providers) to use the Cleanup Coupons.
  • Cleanup Coupons will be available for pick-up at the PRRD office in Fort St. John at 9505 – 100th Street, Fort St. John starting tomorrow (May 25, 2023)
  • Please call 250-784-3200 to have a Cleanup Coupon mailed to you. (Please note that the mail can take a week to arrive.)

Spring Cleanup: June 5-18, 2023

  • You can also use the free drop-off of garbage as part of the annual Spring Cleanup
  • You must haul your own waste (no commercial service providers).

Household Waste: Take to Tier 1 or 2 Transfer Stations

Regular household waste, including spoiled food in tied, plastic bags, can be dropped off at any of the transfer stations.

Large Household Items and Small Amounts Demolition Waste: Tier 1 Transfer Stations Only

Large items like freezers and refrigerators or demolition waste that would fit in the back of a truck or small trailer can be taken to Tier 1 Transfer Stations. The doors must be securely shut with double straps (e.g. ratchet straps) for safety.

Large Amounts of Demolition Waste – Landfill Only

If there is extensive damage to structures that results in large amounts of demolition waste, this must be taken directly to the landfill.

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