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2020 Old Fort Landslide Incident

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Old Fort Road Re-Opens For All Vehicles

Thursday, July 16, 2020: Old Fort Road is once again open 24/7 for all vehicle types. News release from Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

Professional assessments of the slide and surrounding areas

Peace River Regional District (PRRD) requested commentary from geotechnical professionals responsible for monitoring and evaluating the Old Fort Road and slide, surrounding crown lands, and the community.

Ministry of Transportation – Road and Slide Impacts On The Road
Currently the instrumentation is showing negligible movement for all parts of the slide and the road is safe for public use. The ravelling that is occurring on the steep scarp beside the ridge will continue but any failure there would not be able to make it down to the road. It will land on the top part of the flow part of the slide. The only thing that the road will do in the future is move towards the river if the flow part of the slide re-activates the same way it has done for the last two episodes. It is near impossible to predict when the slide will start moving again, but the instrumentation is there and will continue to be monitored. There is nothing to indicate anything catastrophic would happen to the road.

Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations & Rural Development – Surrounding Crown Lands
Ongoing monitoring of the eastern landslide complex continues to show negligible displacement. Ravelling of the upper scarps will likely be restricted to the upper part of the earth flow, and movement of the main slide is generally directed away from the community. Should the earthflow reactivate, peak movement is not expected to be greater than 3 to 4 meters per hour.

Tetra Tech – On behalf of PRRD, for the Old Fort community
Tetra Tech is of the opinion at this time that the risk to the community posed by recent Old Fort slide movements is low. When slide movements occur, they are generally directed away from the community. East or southeast components of the movements are typically smaller-scale and slower-moving. No reactivation of the West Slide mass has been observed. Fresh onset of movement is difficult to predict and circumstances can change quickly, depending on external factors such as water ingress, changed groundwater flow patterns, weather, anthropogenic processes, etc. Despite this, should renewed movements occur, and should such movements pose a risk to the community, sufficient time to evacuate or respond would be available, provided that ongoing slide monitoring systems remain active and regularly monitored, and provided that alert/alarm notifications are distributed to us and the Regional District.

Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure (MoTI)

See our MoTI page for the current status, archive of status reports, photos and more.

To Read the Old Fort Emergency Plan, Click Here



Old Fort Landslide 2018 Incident


Date of Letter: Date of Response: From: Board Meeting Date: Documents:
December 19, 2019 February 28, 2020 Melissa Boyd, FOI Specialist November 28, 2019 Letter and Response
October 23, 2019

Sent by MP Bob Zimmer

December 12, 2019 Minister Michelle Mungall January 9, 2019 Letter    Response
November 13, 2019 BC Hydro November 14, 2019 Letter
August 8, 2019 September 18, 2019 Deputy Minister Lori Halls October 10, 2019 Letter    Response
June 19, 2019 April 11, 2019 Letter
March 15, 2019 June 12, 2019 Minister Michelle Mungall June 27, 2019 Letter and Response
March 15, 2019 April 26, 2019 Minister Mike Farnworth May 16, 2019 Letter and Response
October 31, 2018 December 21, 2018 Minister Mike Farnworth January 10, 2019 Letter and Response

November 14, 2019

BC Hydro Work in Old Fort Area

BC Hydro will be cleaning up materials in the Old Fort area between November 18th and 22nd. Flaggers will be on-site to help with traffic, however, no lane closures or power outages are expected due to the work.

November 4, 2019

Please be aware that areas of Old Fort are still under Evacuation Order. This means that nobody is allowed in these areas due to ongoing safety concerns. If you see people or vehicles in the evacuation order area, please contact the Fort St John RCMP by calling 250-787-8100.

August 15, 2019

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) has announced that road construction is planned to commence approximately August 23 and will run into early October for construction of Chain Up Areas/Pull Outs. The road will be Single Lane, Alternating Traffic intermittently between the hours of 7am – 6pm, Monday through Saturday.

For general questions about the project, contact Tracker Contracting by calling 250-785-8953.

August 9, 2019

Old Fort letter to Min Public Safety Request Data August 2019

August 8, 2019

The Peace River Regional District Board reviewed the letter sent by Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General on July 26, 2019 in response to a previous letter sent by MLA Dan Davies, on June 25, 2019, expressing his concerns regarding the Old Fort Landslide area.

The Minister’s letter suggests the area is unlikely to experience “a dramatic slippage of the remaining hillside that might further impact homes to occur. The data suggests that if movement was to recommence, it would be a slow-moving slide as had been experienced in the previous slide that initiated on September 30, 2018.”  The Regional Board is requesting from the Ministry the data that substantiates this statement.

Once the data is received, the Peace River Regional District plans to have the data verified by applicable experts to consider whether evacuation alerts and orders may be removed from the Old Fort area.

Press Release

Letter from Minister Farnworth

July 25, 2019

Public Notice

Please be advised that Old Fort Road will be closed this Saturday, July 27, 2019 from 7:00 am – 7:00 pm between 242 Road and Tahltan Road. There will be flaggers in place and a detour set-up for access.

June 27, 2019

Public Notice and Permit Information

The Ministry of Energy, Mines, and Petroleum Resources has issued a permit to Deasan Holdings Ltd. to explore subsurface conditions under the slide area and compare it with subsurface conditions where the ground did not slide in 2018. It is hoped that the comparison should show the depth of the failure zone during the October 2018 landslide and may also help to determine whether or not historical landslides have happened in the past. By testing rock cores along the weak joints/slickensides and bedding plains, Deasan is hoping to assess residue strength of the material, performing sensitivity slope stability analysis to review the effect of the different parameters in triggering the slope movement also providing a safe setback for further operations.

Work will take place between May 28, 2019, and July 31, 2019. An entry permit to allow access to the evacuation order area has been issued by the Peace River Regional District to facilitate this work between these dates and between the hours of 7:00 am and 7:00 pm.

For further information regarding the work being conducted please refer to the attached permit. Should residents have any questions or concerns regarding the work please contact the Ministry of Energy, Mines, and Petroleum Resources directly at 250 565-4240.

The Peace River Regional District apologizes for not posting this information earlier.

Public Notice and Permit Documents

February 22, 2019

Fridge/Freezer Replacement Program

Fridge/Freezer Replacement

If your fridge or freezer was damaged during the Old Fort landslide evacuation in 2018, you may be eligible for support with replacement costs from the Canadian Red Cross and the B.C. Government. Financial assistance for spoiled food replacement is also available. More information  Old Fort Refrigerator Freezer Replacement

Updated – February 25th, 2019 (Please bring photo I.D, proof of home ownership, and receipt or invoices related to the costs of fridge/freezer replacement).

EOC Structure & Purpose

EOC Purpose   EOC Structure

Provincial Assistance Programs

Disaster Financial Assistance

Disaster Financial Assistance (DFA) is a provincial program to help individuals and local governments recover from uninsurable disasters. The DFA Program comes into effect when residents cannot access insurance for events that are uninsurable, such as the Old Fort Landslide. DFA can compensate individuals for 80% of eligible claims, after the first $1,000 to a maximum claim of $300,000. DFA is for essential items only. Disaster Financial Assistance 1-888-257-4777 OR email OR website

Property & Housing Questions


If you have questions about your home or tenant insurance, call your insurance representative directly or call the Insurance Bureau of Canada toll-free at 1 844-2-ASK-IBC.

Property Values

If residents have questions about how the slide may affect property values, contact BC Assessment. BC Assessment Authority at 1-866-825-8322..

Community Resources

Mental Health Support Line

To reach a mental health support worker trained to provide emotional and mental health support 24 hours a day: Call 310-6789 (do not add an area code before the number) or check out their website at:

Employee Assistance Programs

Your employer may have an employee assistance program (EAP). EAP is a work-based intervention program designed to identify and assist employees in resolving personal problems (e.g., marital, financial or emotional problems; family issues; substance/alcohol abuse) that may be adversely affecting the employee’s performance. Please contact your employer to see if this service is available.

HealthLink BC

To access free, non-emergency health information for anyone in your family, including mental health information. You can also speak to a registered nurse about symptoms you’re worried about, or talk with a pharmacist about medication questions. Call 811 or visit

Community Contacts

Police/Ambulance Emergency       9-1-1
Police-Non-Emergency                      250-787-8140

Pacific Northern Gas                           1-800-663-1173

BC Hydro                                                   1-888-769 3766

Telus                                                            1-800-663-0333

Yellowhead Road and Bridge           1-888-883-6688

Fort St John Health Unit                    250-263-6000

Health Link BC                                         8-1-1

Mental Health Support Line              310-6789   (do not add an area code before the number)

Talk In Tough Times                             1-877-427-4884

BC Assessment Authority                    1-866-825-8322

Insurance Bureau of Canada              1-844-227-5422

Disaster Financial Assistance             1-888-257-4777

Emergency Info BC                                    250-952-4913

FSJ Women’s Resource Society           250-787-1121