Resources for Old Fort Slide Residents

Disaster Financial Assistance (DFA) 

Old Fort subdivision residents are reminded to submit DFA claims. The province has now indicated they will consider the power outage in Old Fort as an eligible cause of claimable damage.

  • Disaster Financial Assistance is a provincial program that may provide financial assistance for certain costs property owners and tenants have incurred as a result of the 2018 Old Fort landslide and associated power outage
  • Not all costs incurred are eligible; there are principal residency and other eligibility requirements that must be met
  • It is not necessary to have all repair, replacement or other costs documented at this time in order to start the application process. Residents who feel they have a claim are strongly advised to submit a DFA application (include info from the website) as soon as possible as a 90-day deadline will shortly be set.
    Signed DFA applications should be emailed to

Applicants should also be aware:

  • Financial assistance is provided for each accepted claim at 80 percent of the amount of total eligible damage that exceeds $1,000, to a maximum claim of $300,000
  • The calculation of assistance limits allowable assistance for replacing an item to that of a “basic model of that item”; these values are pre-determined based on market information.
  • There is a limit to the number of times financial assistance will be provided for a particular property; no matter how large or small the claim submitted for damages arising from the 2018 Landslide event, submitting a claim and receiving assistance will use one of two automatically available opportunities to receive assistance for a claim.
  • An adjuster will contact applicants directly.

EOC Structure & Purpose

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Property & Housing Questions 


If you have questions about your home or tenant insurance, call your insurance representative directly or call the Insurance Bureau of Canada toll-free at 1 844-2-ASK-IBC.

Property Values

If residents have questions about how the slide may affect property values, contact BC Assessment. BC Assessment Authority at 1-866-825-8322..

Community Resources

Mental Health Support Line

To reach a mental health support worker trained to provide emotional and mental health support 24 hours a day: Call 310-6789 (do not add an area code before the number) or check out their website at:

Employee Assistance Programs

Your employer may have an employee assistance program (EAP). EAP is a work-based intervention program designed to identify and assist employees in resolving personal problems (e.g., marital, financial or emotional problems; family issues; substance/alcohol abuse) that may be adversely affecting the employee’s performance. Please contact your employer to see if this service is available.

HealthLink BC

To access free, non-emergency health information for anyone in your family, including mental health information. You can also speak to a registered nurse about symptoms you’re worried about, or talk with a pharmacist about medication questions. Call 811 or visit

Provincial Assistance Programs

Disaster Financial Assistance

Disaster Financial Assistance (DFA) is a provincial program to help individuals and local governments recover from uninsurable disasters. The DFA Program comes into effect when residents cannot access insurance for events that are uninsurable, such as the Old Fort Landslide. DFA can compensate individuals for 80% of eligible claims, after the first $1,000 to a maximum claim of $300,000. DFA is for essential items only. Disaster Financial Assistance 1-888-257-4777 OR email OR website

Community Contacts

Police/Ambulance Emergency       9-1-1
Police-Non-Emergency                      250-787-8140

Pacific Northern Gas                           1-800-663-1173

BC Hydro                                                   1-888-769 3766

Telus                                                            1-800-663-0333

Yellowhead Road and Bridge           1-888-883-6688

Fort St John Health Unit                    250-263-6000

Health Link BC                                         8-1-1

Mental Health Support Line              310-6789   (do not add an area code before the number)

Talk In Tough Times                             1-877-427-4884

BC Assessment Authority                    1-866-825-8322

Insurance Bureau of Canada              1-844-227-5422

Disaster Financial Assistance             1-888-257-4777

Emergency Info BC                                    250-952-4913

FSJ Women’s Resource Society           250-787-1121