PRRD Withdraws Support for Treaty Land Sharing Network

The PRRD has notified Scion Strategies Ltd. that it has withdrawn its support for the Treaty Land Sharing Network proposal that was submitted to the PRRD for consideration. The PRRD Board made this decision following extensive concerns raised by residents in the region when the proposal was being discussed at the Committee of the Whole meeting on June 8, 2023.

That said, if individual landowners want to be part of this Network, they still have the option to do so. Scion Strategies Ltd.’s proposal was always based on voluntary involvement with no obligation to participate.

Scion Strategies proposed the Treaty Land Sharing Network initiative as part of work the company is doing with Indigenous communities. This was never a PRRD-led program, and when residents expressed clearly that they did not want it in this region, the Board made the decision to advise Scion Strategies its proposed Treaty Land Sharing Network would not be endorsed by the PRRD as a local government until landowners are in agreement.

The upcoming June 28, 2023 Committee of the Whole meeting is still taking place even though the PRRD has withdrawn its support for the Network and the Board is no longer considering it. There was one delegation that did not have an opportunity to make their presentation, and the Board committed to scheduling a continuation of the meeting to provide them with the opportunity to share their input.

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