PRRD Water Quality Database and Analysis

Prepared by GW Solutions Inc.

Water Quality Report September 2016

Appendix 1 – Guidelines

Appendix 2 – Piper Plots

Appendix 3 – Canadian Water Quality Guidelines

Appendix 4 – Water Quality Index Federal Guidelines

Appendix 5 – BC Ministry of Environment Guidelines

Appendix 6 – Surface Water Scatter Plots

Finlay Arm Finlay River Fox River Kiskatinaw River
Lower Beatton Lower Halfway Lower Peace Lower Sikanni Chief
Mesilinka Milligan Creek Murray Peace Arm
Pine Smoky Toodoggone Upper Beatton
Upper Halfway Upper Muskwa Upper Peace Upper Sikanni Chief

Appendix 7 – Trend Analysis

Appendix 8 – Groundwater Types

Appendix 9 – Federal Guidelines

Appendix 10 – BC Provincial Guidelines

Appendix 11 – Aquifer Scatter Plots

Appendix 12 – Groundwater Trend Analysis

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