PRRD Facility and Meeting Status – June 1 Update

Board Meetings

All PRRD Board Meetings will be live-streamed on the PRRD Facebook page to allow the public to view Board Meetings.  Note that due to room occupancy limits, gallery seating for the public is limited to 4 people in order to ensure physical distancing.  Please check our “COVID-19 Resources for Residents” page for a quick reference guide on attending Board meetings.

Facility Status

See Quick Reference Guides for more info!

  • PRRD Main Office in Dawson Creek – open to the public
  • PRRD Office in Fort St John – open to the public
  • Charlie Lake Fire Hall – open by appointment (250 785-1424)
  • PRRD Warehouse – open by appointment (250 784-3200)
  • Landfills & transfer stations – open see schedule 
  • Water Stations – open
  • Charlie Lake Sewer Receiving – open
  • Share Sheds (open June 15th)

Regional Parks

See Quick Reference Guide for more info!

  • Blackfoot Regional Park  – open for camping (first come first served basis)
  • Spencer Tuck Regional Park – open for day use
  • Sundance Lake Regional Park – open for day use
  • Minaker Regional Park – closed
  • Montney Regional Park  – open for day use
  • Iver Johnson Community Park – open for day use
  • Note: All PRRD Parks Washroom / Outhouse Facilities are open but are not cleaned daily

Community Recreation Facilities:

The following will open at the discretion of the operating societies.  See Quick Reference Guides on operating and renting these facilities.

  • Kelly Lake Community Centre
  • Buick Creek Recreation Grounds
  • Cache Creek Community Hall
  • Golata Creek Community Hall
  • Goodlow Community Recreation Grounds
  • Halfway Graham Hall & Recreation Grounds
  • Jackfish Community Hall
  • Moberly Lake Community Hall
  • North Peace Fall Fair
  • Osborn Community Hall

The following will open at the discretion of the member municipalities who operate these facilities on behalf of the Regional District

The following recreation facilities, supported by the Regional District and owned by School District No 60, will open at the direction of School District No 60:

  • Clearview Arena – closed
  • Buick Arena – closed