Old Fort Temporary Access Road To Open At 8 pm – July 9

Temporary Access Road Opening Today, Thursday, July 9, at 8:00 pm

There’s other information for the community in today’s daily situation report.

  • MoTI construction crews are on-target for an 08:00 pm opening of a temporary road across the Old Fort landslide. Please be aware:
    • Traffic control points will be established this evening on either side of the slide.
    • The temporary road is currently single-lane.
    • The temporary road is currently only suitable for 4×4 vehicles.
    • The temporary road currently is not all-weather. If it rains this evening a road closure may be necessary.
  • Continued construction is planned for tomorrow, Friday July 10th. Expect access interruptions while efforts to improve the temporary road are underway.
  • The PRRD Emergency Water Taxi service continues to operate until further notice on its normal daily schedule, 05:00 am – 09:00 pm. Security oversees overnight parking at the Peace Island Park terminus.

Flagger No Longer Stationed Near Vehicles On Fort St John Side

Residents parking their vehicles on the Fort St. John side of the slide have always done so at their own risk.

  • No security for resident vehicles had ever been established on Old Fort Road near the slide.
  • For traffic safety reasons a MoTI flagger had been coincidentally located on Old Fort Road on the Fort St. John side of the slide.
  • This flagger has now been removed by MoTI as the position is no longer required to address road safety concerns.