Old Fort Landslide Update – June 21, 2020 3:00 PM

Update as of 1500 hrs:

Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure Update:

Due to the surficial movement of material on the slope effecting 7711 and 7605 on Old Fort Loop, residents are asked to park to the west of this area. Please look for the no parking signs to identify the safe area to park. No one should be walking on the existing road north of the outhouses.

The Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure is leading the assessment of the landslide and currently has a GeoTech on-site, and will be providing updates about this.

Residents are asked to report any signs of slide movement or incidents to the local maintenance contractor, Dawson Road Maintenance Ltd., who can be reached 24/7 at its emergency line: 1-800-842-4122.

Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure’s Geotech has provided a technical briefing regarding the landslide, as well as an updated orthophoto (below).

  • Back Scarp (Top of the Slide) – This is the furthest extent that the slide moved up the valley slope in 2018 and it is the same in 2020 and the height of the scarp is approximately 10 m. The movement to date this year is approximately 0.3 m.
  • Rotational Slide – the top part of the slide north of what is labelled the “scarp” and includes the area where the gravel stockpiles were in 2018 and is the area where the slide mass is rotating.
  • Scarp – an approximately 50 m high near-vertical slope below the area where the gravel stockpiles were in 2018.  It is also the boundary where the slide changes from a rotational failure to a flow slide failure.
  • Ridge – a bedrock ridge that is on the eastern edge of where the slide is currently moving.  The GPS monitor on the ridge is showing approximately 6 cm of movement.
  • Flow Slide – the portion of the slide that is flowing like a very slow-moving stream.  This is the part of the slide that has moved the most since re-initiating this year.  It has moved 80 to 100 m.

Old Fort Landslide Map – June 21, 2020

Peace River Regional District – Old Fort Resident Needs Assessment Results:

The Peace River Regional District Emergency Operations Centre wants to thank all the residents that have completed the Old Fort Assessment survey, either with the Charlie Lake Fire Department or online. The information we collected has been summarized, and now we are going to work on addressing the needs of the residents at Old Fort. As of Sunday, June 21, 2020, the PRRD received 32 survey responses from the residents of Old Fort in regards to their current and future needs.

Of those households surveyed, the Peace River Regional District found that:

  • 91% do not have medical or mobility challenges that would impact their ability to leave.
  • 91% have enough food and water for the next 7 days.
  • 97% will not need sewage disposal in the next 7 days
  • 75% will not need water within the next 7 days
  • 65% will not need garbage disposal services within the next 7 days.
  • 50% of people intend to travel in and out of the community daily using their own means.
  • 65% of people will need assistance travelling in and out of the community on a daily or weekly basis
  • 13% planned to evacuate the area on June 21/20
  • 75% of people with pets would need assistance to evacuate (if evacuation is required)
  • 91% of people with livestock would need assistance to evacuate (if evacuation is required)

Residents are reminded to please complete the survey if you have not already done so, please do as soon as you can following the link here.

North East BC Emergency & Public Alerts System:

If you have not signed up for the North East BC Emergency & Public Alerts system, it is strongly suggested you do. Please click here and follow the steps, or call 250-784-3200 and someone can help you sign up over the phone.

If we can reach you, we can notify you! 

Old Fort NEBC Alert 2020

Emergency Support Services Update:

Emergency Support Services will continue to be available until Monday, June 29, 2020, only to those who have evacuated, if the road reopens during this time, ESS will be discontinued. As of June 21, 28 people have registered for ESS. You can register by calling 250-794-3310, Monday – Friday 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm.

Paperwork for extensions will be dropped off at hotels and those billeting can pick up paperwork tomorrow at Fort St John City hall between 8:30-4:30 pm this week.

Peace River Regional District Geotechnical Assessment Update:

In January 2020, the Peace River Regional District engaged the services of Tetra Tech to conduct a study of the Steep Slope Hazard Assessment. As part of this study, Tetra Tech will be conducting a field assessment of the area. Originally the field assessment was scheduled for March or April of 2020, but due to travel restrictions related to COVID-19, this was put on hold. As a result of the reactivated Old Fort Landslide, Tetra Tech is now in the area to conduct field observations and liaise with other geotechnical experts in relation to the study and the current landslide. 

Please note that Tetra Tech geotechnical engineers may require access to private property to conduct field assessments during the week of June 21, 2020.  Should Tetra Tech need to access your property they will first knock at your door to let you know they would like to access your property.  If you are not home they will leave this notice on your door.  They will not enter onto any properties without the assistance of property owners if gates are locked.

Please see the letter here for more information: Tetra Tech Authorization to Enter Property