Old Fort Landslide Update – July 5

Current Status

Old Fort remains cut off from standard essential services delivery. The community remains on an emergency footing.

Residents should continue to conserve water and reduceĀ garbage and sewage wherever possible. Emergency supplies and services will be provided when feasible.

  • Weather: may be unsettled and there’s a risk of thundershower activity both Sunday evening and Monday afternoon. Tuesday through Thursday are expected to be generally drier.
  • Emergency Water Taxi Service: resumed regular operations today at 05:00 AM with services hourly at either terminus until 09:00 PM, seven days a week.
  • Emergency Garbage Service: commenced operations over the weekend. No prohibited items are permitted. No construction waste will be accepted. Only bagged household garbage will be accepted going forward.
  • Staging for other utility services: has begun. Check Monday’s daily update for more details.
  • ESS Renewals: clients are being contacted; where applicable, renewals are in place for the next 1 week period starting Monday.
  • Access Route Construction: while planning for a new crossing continues without pause, heavy rains from Thursday through most of the weekend have impacted the construction timeline and it will take time before the impacts of the rain and geo-technical reviews can be completed and understood. At this time, no one can predict the completion date of an access route. See MoTI’s Monday update for the latest information.
  • Helicopter Operations Monday: please stay back from the area near 9416 Old Fort Road (see image below) during Monday afternoon (July 6) and away from open fields in the community whenever you see a helicopter in the area. No landings are planned. Materials will be long-lined into and out of the community; you’ll see operations on the Old Fort Road right of way.