Old Fort Landslide Update – July 4 (updated 8:00 pm)

If you didn’t see Friday’s Daily Update, please check it out – there’s a lot of new and updated information contained within it.

Highlights for today:

  • Weather –Risk of thundershowers through this evening with showers ending Sunday morning. Sunny Monday.
  • Emergency Water Taxi Service – will resume on Sunday, July 5 at 05:00 am
  • Important Contact Numbers – for ESS, for In-Community Services and the Emergency Operations Centre.
  • ESS Renewals – The Peace River Regional District ESS team will be calling evacuated residents and arranging renewals for next week.
  • Emergency Alert System Be notified quickly when things are happening.

Emergency Water Taxi Service

Updated 8:00 pm July 4th

With weather expected to improve and upstream debris removal operations making progress, water taxi service will resume Sunday, July 5 at 5:00 am.  Subject to weather and river conditions, the water taxi service runs on the hour from both Old Fort and Peace Island Park locations, from 05:00 am through 09:00 pm.

To see if the boats are running Sunday or Monday, before you head to the Old Fort or Peace Island Park dock locations call the Emergency Water Taxi & In-Community Services 24-Hour Hotline at: 250-271-0366.

Important Contact Numbers

Who to call, and for what

  • Emergency Support Services: If you need lodging and other support because you cannot remain in the community due to dwindling supplies, lack of safe access or other concerns, contact the PRRD Emergency Support Services team at:  250-219-0447
  • Water Taxi and In-Community Services 24-Hour Hotline: Our service delivery partner R+R Rentals can answer your water taxi and other in-community service questions 24/7 at: 250-271-0366.
  • PRRD Emergency Operations Centre: messages can be left for the EOC Director at 250-784-3201 Monday through Friday 8:30 am – 4:00 pm. If you observe something we should be aware of or have a concern you don’t think we’ve addressed, please contact us. Remember – any and all emergencies should be reported first to 911.

Emergency Support Services Renewals

As noted in yesterday’s update, we’re hopeful to see some form of emergency access road over the slide later in the week; we’ll continue to keep the community updated as geo-technical review and work on the ground progresses. We also expect the Emergency Water Taxi Service to return to regular operation within the next 48 hours, providing regular, safe, access to the community.

If you need help leaving the community, see our plan utilizing North Peace Search and Rescue, detailed in yesterday’s update,or call ESS for the details.

The PRRD ESS team will be contacting evacuated residents Saturday and Sunday to arrange for their ESS renewals for the coming week. They can also be reached Monday through Friday, 1pm to 4pm, at the ESS Help Line:  250-219-0447.

Emergency Alert System

Get Important Old Fort Service Notices and Emergency Alerts by SMS Text, Telephone, or E-Mail

Help us reach you in times of emergency, or when we are aware of key service interruptions such as the water taxis being pulled from the water.

The PRRD North East BC Emergency & Public Alerts system will send Old Fort-specific alerts, warnings and notices to your cell phone, landline and email inbox – it’s your choice how they get delivered. Let’s make it a goal to get 100% of the households and residents of Old Fort connected – sign up here to our North East BC Emergency & Public Alerts (powered by Everbridge) system.