Old Fort Landslide Update – July 1, 2020

Weather Update from Environment and Climate Change Canada

Starting Tuesday night, continuing to Friday night, a moisture-laden weather system is expected across the Peace River Regional District, with heavy rains expected in the Fort St John/Old Fort area. Rainfall amounts of up to 50 – 80 mm are expected; thunderstorm activity, if any, has the potential of adding 15 – 25 mm in short bursts. Rainfall warnings may be issued as the system further develops and confidence in rainfall amounts increases. Residents can check Environment Canada’s website for new updates from Environmental Canada.

Old Fort Slide: A heavy rainfall event triggered the 2020 Old Fort slide on Thursday, June 18th. Ground movement or reactivation of the slide is possible at any time during, or even well after, this or any weather event.

It is not safe to cross the Old Fort slide area by any means, at any time.


Peace River Regional District Update

Docks at Old Fort and Peace Island Park will be installed today, if not already!

Residents need to be mindful of the rain while boarding the water taxi, as the dock and boats could become slippery. Tent shelters will be placed at the Old Fort and Peace Island Park dock areas, for residents to keep dry while waiting for the water taxi. Please also keep in mind that the boat schedule may be affected by the weather, as they cannot operate in thunder and/or lightning storms.

The water taxi service will run seven days a week from 05:00 AM through 09:00 PM, with pick-up on the hour at the Peace Island Park and the Old Fort docks. Security will be provided from 05:00 PM through 05:00 AM to safeguard vehicles parked overnight at Peace Island Park. A washroom facility will be available at the Peace Island Park terminus. Space aboard the water taxi(s) is available on a first-come, first-served basis and may be constrained by COVID-19 physical distancing requirements. Family groupings may travel together.

A garbage disposal schedule will be available tomorrow, July 2, 2020.

Dock Locations for Old Fort and Peace Island Park

Northeast BC Emergency & Public Alerts

Residents are reminded to please sign up for the North East BC Emergency & Public Alert System. The Peace River Regional District Emergency Operations Centre will use this alert system to send out important alerts and updates. Please click here and follow the steps.

If we can reach you, we can notify you!

Old Fort NEBC Alert 2020