Old Fort – BC Hydro Update

Following is updated messaging provided from BC Hydro:

  • BC Hydro has prepared plans to restore power to the Old Fort Area in two-pronged approach
  • With permitted access, BC Hydro is surveying and vegetation clearing is underway now to prepare for construction and repair of power lines to Old Fort
  • Rebuilding the power line on the west side of Old Fort will start as early as Saturday October 20, 2018 with completion estimated for Monday or Tuesday next.
  • BC Hydro will build a new line into Old Fort on the east side, with construction expected to start as early as Monday October 22 with completion estimated for Thursday or Friday next week.
  • The power line on the east side will restore the majority of the BC Hydro customers in Old Fort.
  • BC Hydro is asking Old Fort customers who have access to their homes to turn off lights and appliances, but leave one light on outside their house and one light on side to signal when power has been restored and avoid cold load pick-up
  • BC Hydro has applied to the BC Utilities Commission (BCUC) for billing relief for Old Fort customers. The intent is to waive the billing for the days when the Peace River Regional District Evacuation Order is in effect.  This must first be approved by the BCUC and more information will be provided following the BCUC decisions.