OId Fort Landslide Updated – July 11, 2020

Emergency Support Services (ESS) extended to current ESS recipients until Friday, July 17.

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and Dawson Road Maintenance have been making great progress on the Old Fort Road, however, the road may not be suitable for low clearance vehicles until mid to end of next week.  As a result, ESS will be extended until July 17 when it is anticipated that all vehicle types will be able to utilize the road.  PRRD EOC staff will be contacting all current ESS recipients to determine if ESS renewals are required.

Water, Sewer & Garbage Disposal Services

The PRRD through R&R Rentals will be terminating water, sewer and garbage disposal services at end of day today, Saturday, July 11 as water/garbage/sewage haulers with high ground clearance are able to use the temporary road starting today.  To obtain service prior to the end of the day on Saturday call 250-271-0366.

Water Taxi Services

Water taxi services will continue until the Old Fort Road is able to accommodate low clearance vehicles next week. A minimum of 24 hours notice will be provided at the boat launches that service will be terminating.  To find out if water taxi services are operating call 250-271-0366 and continue to follow our website, Facebook Page and sign up for North East BC Emergency & Public Alerts.

Old Fort NEBC Alert 2020 Flyer

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure Page Update

No update was received from MoTI on July 11, 2020.  To review all previous updates check: prrd.bc.ca/resources-for-old-fort-slide-residents/moti-updates/