Free Property Assessment

It’s now easier than ever to prepare your home against a wildfire. The PRRD has partnered with FireSmart BC and Mammoth Forestry to provide free property assessments for residents. A representative from Mammoth Forestry will come to your home to conduct a one-on-one FireSmart consultation, giving you a breakdown of the risk to your property while providing simple and effective steps to mitigate that risk.

These consultations are private and confidential, and a great opportunity to receive expert advice for your property at no cost! Wildfires don’t wait for you to be ready, so prepare your property now by calling 250-784-1165 or click the booking link below.

What is FireSmart? 

FireSmart is a shared responsibility, it’s about living in a fire-prone ecosystem and taking the necessary steps to protect your family, property and community from wildfire. FireSmart is a national and provincial inter-agency program that aims to reduce the risk of loss of life and property from fire.

Being FireSmart is about making small changes to your routine that will help protect you, your home and your community from wildfire. Adopting a proactive approach to fire safety has been shown to reduce the risk of losses in the most extreme wildfire conditions.

Curious about the FireSmart program offered through the PRRD? Watch the interview from with Craig and Mitch Wilson from Mammoth Forestry below:

Why FireSmart?

The threat of wildfire is increasing. Despite recent wet summers, the trend in BC is progressing towards more devastating wildfire seasons. The Peace Region is particularly vulnerable to wildfire with its unique combination of wildland and urban interface areas, aggravated by strong winds throughout the fire season.

Wildfires in the region are occurring earlier and lasting longer; don’t wait for an event, prepare your property now. The homes that are prepared are the homes left standing.