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What is FireSmart?

FireSmart is a shared responsibility. It’s about living in a fire-prone ecosystem and taking the necessary steps to protect your family, property, and community from wildfire. FireSmart is a national and provincial inter-agency program that aims to reduce the risk of loss of life and property from wildfires.

Being FireSmart is about making small changes year-round so your property is prepared for the next wildfire. A proactive approach to wildfire preparedness has been shown to reduce the risk of loss of life and property in the most extreme wildfire conditions.

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Why FireSmart?

The threat of wildfire is increasing. Despite recent wet summers, the trend in BC is toward more devastating wildfire seasons. In 2021, BC saw 1,642 wildfires, a 250 percent increase from 2020.

The Peace Region is particularly vulnerable to wildfire due to the many areas where wildland and urban environments interface; this, combined with strong winds throughout the fire season, creates a climate of unique fire risk. Wildfires in the region are occurring earlier and lasting longer. Don’t wait for a wildfire event. Prepare your property now.

The homes that are prepared are the homes left standing. Homes that take defensive actions using non-flammable roofs and having all vegetation treated within 10m will have over 90% chance of surviving a wildfire.

Get FireSmart!

It’s now easier than ever to prepare your home for wildfire. The PRRD has partnered with FireSmart BC and Mammoth Forestry to provide free and confidential one-hour home assessments for residents.

During each assessment, homeowners will be provided with tailored practical advice and simple steps to drastically reduce the risk to their property. Wildfire professionals from Mammoth Forestry will also be helping neighborhoods achieve national FireSmart recognition, which is a fun way to build community while ensuring your neighborhood is prepared for wildfire.

Since 2021, 101 homes in rural areas have been assessed, and the One Island Lake Cottage Association has become the Peace Region’s first recognized FireSmart neighborhood! To learn more about last year’s program click here.


Will Mammoth be entering my home?
Our wildfire experts will only look at the exterior and the landscape around your house before giving tailored advice on how to mitigate the risk of forest fires impacting your home.

Do you keep any of the information from the property visits?
All the assessments are confidential, and the information is only shared with you as the homeowner.

Do the assessments affect my home insurance?
No information from the assessments is shared or stored.

Am I able to have another assessment if I received one last year?
Yes, having a another assessment is a great way to track your progress towards being FireSmart.