Evacuation Alert Checklist

Get ready to leave:

  • Be ready for an Evacuation Order:
    • Sign up for North East BC Alerts at NEBCAlerts.com
    • Monitor www.prrd.bc.ca
  • Keep track of family and pets
    • Make a plan for where to meet or who to call if you are separated
  • Pack your bags
    • Don’t forget your ID, medications, glasses, pets, credit cards, important documents (e.g. insurance, passport, birth certificates), phone and charger, and keepsakes (if space and time permits).
  • Keep your vehicle full of fuel
  • Make travel arrangements for people that need more time to leave
    • If you need assistance with transportation call 250-784-4838
  • Move livestock to a safe location

Prepare your home (if there is time):

  • Move combustible items (patio furniture, firewood, propane tanks, toys, decorative items, etc.) away from the home (10m+)
  • Rake leaves, grass and debris away from the base of the home (1.5m +)
  • Visit FireSmartBC.ca for more tips

If there is an Evacuation Order, before you leave (if there is time):

  • Turn off propane, electricity and water
  • Empty your fridge
  • Shut and lock all windows and doors
  • Follow the directions on the Evacuation Order to register for Emergency Support Services (ESS)
  • Visit prrd.bc.ca for more information on Evacuation Alerts and Orders

To contact the PRRD, call 250-784-3200.

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