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Are you concerned:

  • About not being consulted about Southern Mountain Caribou Recovery in the Burnt Pine Herd
  • About the socioeconomic impacts of any changes to land use in the Peace River Regional District  
  • About Caribou Protection
  • About potential losses to the timber harvest that may result in job losses
  • About the potential impact on industries such as trapping, outfitting, agriculture, and the service industry if an AIP (Agreement In Principal) is put in place
  • About the impacts on lost tax revenue if an AIP (Agreement In Principal) is put in place

Ways to get involved:

  • Discuss your concerns with friends
  • Tell a local, regional, provincial and federal politician what you think about the plan
  • Write a letter to the editor
  • Call local media
  • Send an email
  • Share your concerns or the PRRD press release on Social Media
  • Start a petition

The list of contacts that the PRRD sent emails to here Caribou Contact List

“One voice calling for change is more powerful when combined with many others.”



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UBCM Update & PRRD Response

PRRD Response to UBCM Update 

November 29th, 2018: PRRD Board Response to UBCM Update

Southern Mountain Caribou Update

At the 2018 UBCM Convention members endorsed resolution B116 from the Peace River Regional District (PRRD) seeking in part, “real consultation with affected communities before announcing decisions” related to the southern mountain caribou recovery plan.

UBCM has received the following update from provincial officials in regard to the Southern Mountain Caribou:

The province is taking all reasonable efforts to support the recovery of Southern Mountain Caribou in British Columbia. The BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy (ENV) and Environment Climate Change Canada (ECCC) have been developing a S.11 Bilateral Conservation Agreement (S.11 Agreement) under the Species At Risk Act. (SARA). This S.11 Agreement will contain overarching commitments and meaningful strategies for the recovery of Southern Mountain Caribou in BC while minimizing implications to local governments and to the various industry sectors that operate in caribou habitat. The S.11 Agreement is looking to increase efforts for habitat restoration, maternity penning, and minimizing land disturbance, etc. 

The Province of BC has also been negotiating a Caribou Recovery Partnership Agreement (Partnership Agreement) with the federal government and West Moberly and Saulteau First Nations. This Partnership Agreement will contain conservation and recovery measures specific to the recovery of the Central Group (South Peace area) of Southern Mountain Caribou.

The area to which the Partnership Agreement will apply, and the potential constraints in terms of development and recreation activities, are still under negotiations, and face-to-face engagement with local governments, other Indigenous nations, sectors and stakeholders in this area will take place before both the S.11 Agreement and the Partnership Agreement are finalized and signed.

Seniors official with the provincial government have met with PRRD twice over the past three weeks, and have provided them the information they have requested.  The Province will continue to meet with the PRRD to address their concerns.

All of these caribou recovery efforts are opportunities where existing and new partnerships with industry and community stakeholders can contribute to successful caribou recovery. 

For further information please contact Caribou Recovery at the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development or visit the Provincial Caribou Recovery Program website.

Alberta Northwest Species Committee

How Alberta Northwest Species Committee at Risk is Addressing Caribou Protection




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