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Solid Waste Customer Satisfaction Survey


customer satisfaction survey

Survey - 2016

Thank you to everyone who took the time to do the customer satisfaction survey.

947 surveys were submitted!

Here are the result of the Solid Waste Customer Satisfaction Survey.  The Survey was completed from mid-April to August 20, 2016.  The Survey aimed to consult residents their opinions on the the solid waste facilities (landfills, transfer stations, and unmanned sites), if and where they recycle, influences for waste diversion, and thoughts on how the cost of operating the solid waste function should be split. 

SW Customer Satisfaction Survey Results_final

The key finding were :

  • Though generally happy with the hours of operation, residents would like to see:
    • landfills open 7 days a week, with extended hours in the evening and morning
    • transfer stations to have extended hours.
  • The unmanned sites are sometimes clean and tidy.
  • More education and outreach is required to educate residents on share sheds and how recycling can be efficient/easy. This can be included in the education and outreach contract.
  • The majority of residents recycle and are not influenced by reduced tipping fees.
  • Incentive based tipping fees do work as a means to encourage people to separate waste at the landfills and transfer stations
  • The majority of people would like to the solid waste function be funded with a 50/50 split of tipping fees and property taxes.
  • Residents would like to see share sheds at the landfills

The Survey results were reported to the Solid Waste Committee at the September 2016 meeting.

Survey - 2017

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the recycling services survey.

407 surveys were submitted!

Here are the result of the Survey.  The Survey was completed from July 4 to September 29, 2017.  The objective of the Survey was to consult residents on their knowledge of waste education using recycling as a focal point.  

SW Recycling Services Survey Report

the table below are the highlights from the completed survey:

Survey Questions


Q1: Who delivers recycling education in the region?

30% were unsure/didn’t know

46% said PRRD, pRRRdy, or NEAT

Q2: Who delivers recycling services in the region?

25% said PRRD

24% were unsure/didn’t know

14% said NEAT

13% said various combinations of PRRD, pRRRdy, NEAT, City of Fort St. John, City of Dawson Creek, Eco Depot, Schools. Etc.

Q3: How do you get recycling information?

11% -12% said either PRRD Mailouts or PRRD Website, respectively

The rest of responses were evenly distributed via social media, print & radio, posters, NEAT, and events

Q4: What recycling events or programs have you attended?

29% said they had not attended any events, whereas the top events attended were Trade Shows (20%), Farmers Market (14%), and Fall Fair (12%)

Q5: How would you like to receive recycling information?

31% preferred Mail Outs, Flyers, or the pRRRdy calendar

40% preferred access to information via online sources (Website, email, Facebook, and other social media outlets)

Q6: Where do you take your recycling in the region?

65% used drop off depots (Eco Depot, Recycle It, DC Campbell, Chetwynd Recycling, Bottle Depot, Recycling Depots unspecified)

15% used PRRD Sites like Landfills and Transfer Stations

9% access recycling via curbside recycling

9% use the recycling bins located at Walmart, No Frills, School, Mile 54.5, etc.

Overall, residents have a general understanding of who delivers and who provides recycling services in the PRRD, while knowing where to go for recycling education and waste diversion information.  However, residents were unsure of the depots in their communities for managing recyclable materials.

The Survey results were reported to the Solid Waste Committee at the November 2017 meeting.