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Regional Solid Waste Management Plan Review 2019/2020


The Ministry of Environment requires all regional districts in British Columbia to have a plan for how their region’s waste will be managed and reduced. The PRRD most recently updated its Regional Solid Waste Management Plan (Plan) in 2016.  The current Plan sets out specific waste reduction goals, along with guiding principles to support these goals. 

The PRRD has appointed a consulting team to help with reviewing and updating the new regional Plan to better reflect and address emerging local issues. The updated Plan will determine how solid waste and recycling is managed in the Region over the next 15 years.

The Plan review process has just started and two committees – one technical and one with public representation – have been established. These committees will be working together over the next 8 months to provide input into the new Plan.

The first step in the planning process is to look at the current waste management system and identify issues and opportunities that need to be considered in the new plan.

Later in September, residents and businesses will be asked to respond to a survey that will help to identify the most important topics and issues that need to be addressed. Survey responses will help to set the direction of the Plan development.

Once the region’s current waste management systems and hot button topics have been documented, the consulting team and the advisory committees will identify potential options to address the region’s future solid waste management needs. From there a shortlist of preferred initiatives will be brought back to the general community for feedback through a series of community meetings during spring, 2020.

Get Involved

Thank you for participating in the survey.  The survey is now closed and the consultants are now analyzing the results.  Stay tuned for the report and the Open Houses occurring in the Spring


Public and Technical Advisory Committee (PTAC)

The Peace River Regional District is currently recruiting members for the Public and Technical Advisory Committee (PTAC) to provide their opinions and feedback on the development of the updated Solid Waste Management Plan.

The Advisory Committee will review and provide input and recommendations to the Peace River Regional District on proposed programs and policies that would make up the updated Regional Solid Waste Management Plan. The goal of the PTAC is to support the update of the RSWMP and to come up with preferred options for waste management in the region for the next 10 -15 years. 

PTAC Application Form – Please submit the completed application to your local municipality by November 14, 2019.

Terms of Reference

Meeting 1: Review of Current Solid Waste System

The first PTAC meeting was held November 27, 2019.  Below are links to the presentation and report. 

Meeting 2: Waste Diversion and Recycling Options

The Waste Diversion and Recycling Options meeting was held January 22, 2020.  Below are links to the presentation and report

Meeting 3: Energy Recovery and Residual Waste Management

The Energy Recover and Residual Waste Management meeting was held February 26, 2020.  Below are links to the presentation and report

Meeting 4: Other Solid Waste Services and System Financing

The System Financing and Emerging Issues is scheduled for April 22, 2020.  Below are links the presentation and report.