About the Project

The Kelly Lake Community Centre (built in 1977) was originally designed as a school. After the school was closed, the facility was transferred to the Peace River Regional District (PRRD) in 2010, who entered into an agreement with the Kelly Lake Community Centre Society to operate the facility. Funds are collected annually for the operation of the Centre, but the facility is in need of upgrades and renovations to better suit the needs of the Kelly Lake community.

In partnership with the Kelly Lake Community Centre Society, the Peace River Regional District is applying to the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program – Rural and Northern Communities funding. If successful, the expansion and renovation of the centre would be largely funded through this grant.

In anticipation of applying for this grant to assist in the funding of a renovation for the facility, a design study was undertaken in 2019. As part of the design study, residents and community members were asked a series of questions about their current and expected uses for the Community Centre.

Download the Information Package here.

Engagement Opportunities

The Peace River Regional District, in partnership with the Kelly Lake Community Centre Society, is planning to apply for grant funding to complete construction and renovations on the Kelly Lake Community Hall. Information packages were dropped off to households and have been sent to each property owner in Kelly Lake.

Virtual Town Hall Meeting
The Peace River Regional District held a Virtual Town Hall on October 13 at 3:30 pm BC Time/4:30 pm AB Time, Via ZOOM. If you were unable to attend the Virtual Town Hall, you can watch the recorded video by clicking here! Thank you to everyone that attended the meeting.

Complete the Survey
Thank you to everyone that took the time to complete the survey, your answers and comments are very much appreciated.

Send in a Letter of Support
Thank you to everyone that took the time to send in a Support Letter. The letters were sent in with the grant application on October 22.


How We'll Pay For It

How will this project be funded?

The estimated total cost of the renovation and expansion is just over $4 million dollars. Hopeful funding sources are described below:

How much could your taxes increase by?

Short-term borrowing would increase taxes for those who own property in proximity to the Community Centre. The money raised would be used as funding for the Community Centre Renovation and Expansion project. So your taxes may be increased, if required, starting in 2023 for the remainder of the cost not covered by grants or community fundraising.

Community fundraising could help to offset money needed to be borrowed through short term borrowing. The community (through the Kelly Lake Community Centre Society) could look for other sources of funding, such as from corporate donations, grants and sponsorships, or other Provincial or Federal sources.

The PRRD will continue to identify and apply for other sources of funding to offset project costs throughout the course of the project.


What is Important to the Community?


  • Clean and comfortable
  • Available to all ages
  • Designed with a sense of community
  • Internal flow logical
  • Warm in the winter
  • Enough power for events
  • A landmark and centre for the community
  • Business centre
  • Larger gymnasium

Once the architect took all of the input provided from the first workshop, it was determined that the community thinks that the facility is too small for all the things that people want to do there. Different options were prepared and presented to the residents of Kelly Lake.

Design Concept

As a result of the information that you provided, here is the current draft design for the Kelly Lake Community Centre. Two options for the renovation of the facility were developed in late 2019, with one alternative using the original space and the other including additional construction to increase the size of the current Community Centre. PRRD staff engaged the Kelly Lake Community on the preferred design option, with results coming back that overwhelmingly support the expansion.

The following elements have been included in the redesign:

  • A major expansion to the gymnasium where the size of the gym and its storage will increase.
  • A health room has been added near to the administration office that could be used by the public to access virtual healthcare.
  • The washrooms will be completely renovated.
  • A universally accessible washroom has been added.
  • A small business centre is located at the centre of the buildings, which will have computers, printers, and internet access.
  • The current classrooms spaces will remain as multipurpose rooms, but moveable dividers will be installed to customize the space to your needs
  • The kitchen and dining room will be expanded.
  • An elders’ room will be built in the front of the building overlooking the lake that can be used for small meetings.


It is anticipated that the grant funding will be announced in October 2021. If the application is successful, the renovation of the facility could start as early as spring 2022. It is likely that the renovation project would take approximately 18 months, and the Centre would unfortunately not be usable by the community for the duration of this renovation.