About this Project

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Housing Needs Assessment Survey, Focus Groups, and Interviews!

The Peace River Regional District, District of Chetwynd, City of Dawson Creek, District of Hudson’s Hope, and Village of Pouce Coupe have partnered to develop housing needs reports for each of the participating municipalities and Electoral Areas B, C, D, and E. The housing needs reports will support our communities in understanding current and anticipated housing needs and inform future policy decisions. Through this process, we will look at:

  • Population trends (Who is living in our communities? How fast is the population increasing?)
  • Affordability (How much does it cost to live here and who is this affordable for?)
  • Housing Types and Supports (Is the existing housing stock meeting needs and if not, what types of housing are needed?
  • Future demand (Who will live here in the future, where will they live and in what types of housing will they live in?)


What is a housing needs report?

In 2019, the province amended the Local Government Act to require all local governments to complete a housing needs report by 2022. These reports look at a combination of statistical data—from sources such as Statistics Canada, CMHC, BC Housing, and others—and community and stakeholder input to create a comprehensive picture of housing needs in a community. Once completed, they must be updated every five years.


“Housing needs reports are a way for communities to better understand their current and future housing needs. These reports can help identify existing and projected gaps in housing supply by collecting and analyzing quantitative and qualitative information about local demographics, economics, housing stock, and other factors. A housing needs report is critical to developing a housing strategy or action plan.

Together, legislation and regulations specify requirements for local government related to housing needs reports. These requirements include:

  • Collecting information to identify current and projected housing needs,
  • Using that information to prepare an online housing needs report which shows current and projected housing needs for five or more years, and
  • Considering the most recently collected information and housing needs report when amending official community plans and regional growth strategies”

     – Government of BC

How We're Engaging

How will the PRRD engage with community members and stakeholders?

As part of this work, the PRRD will be engaging broadly with residents in the partner municipalities and electoral areas through a community survey that will be launched in July 2020.  The survey will be available online and residents will also be able to request a paper copy be mailed to their home.

In addition to this broad public engagement, the PRRD will also be facilitating focus groups and interviews with organizations and individuals with specialized knowledge of housing challenges and opportunities in the region. This includes staff at local government and First Nations, non-profit housing and service providers, housing developers, health care providers, and others. This engagement will take place in July and August 2020.


What do we want to achieve?

At the completion of this project, each of the participating communities will have a housing needs document that provides an in-depth look at housing trends, challenges, and opportunities, as well as policy recommendations that will be used by the PRRD and partner municipalities to guide future policy decisions. The documents will be made publicly available. In addition to being useful for local governments, these types of reports can also support local housing providers in identifying needs and applying for funding from the Provincial and Federal governments.

For more information about Government of BC, Housing Needs Reports, visit: Goverment of BC Housing Needs Assessment Information

Share Your Experience

Share your experience with housing in the Peace Region!

We are inviting residents to share their housing stories for our report and we want to hear from a diverse range of voices. The purpose of this is to better understand what it’s like to experience housing issues in our communities.

We will include stories shared with us in our final report. Please note that your name and any identifying information will be removed.

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Lived Experience

What is your lived experience with housing in the Peace River Regional District?