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Chetwynd Public Library Feasibility Study


Library Planning Consultants, on behalf of the Peace River Regional District, completed the facility feasibility study for the Chetwynd Public Library. The purpose of this study was to analyze the public’s current use of the Chetwynd Public Library and to determine its future space requirements and programming. You can find the full text of the final report on the third tab of this Engage! page entitled “Final Reports and Information.”

To understand how much space was needed and to understand if a new facility is desired, the project team;

  • Analyzed current and expected usage,
  • Examined library documents, statistics and services offered,
  • Researched library trends (what do libraries offer now and what will they offer in the future),
  • Analyzed population in and around Chetwynd,
  • Compared the current library to other libraries,
  • Interviewed library staff and the board, elected officials, local government representatives, library users, and community stakeholders: 17 meetings in total with 59 stakeholders,
  • Gained input from public through a survey: 401 surveys returned!

Overall, the project team found that:

  • The current location is ideal being next to the schools, school bus exchange, and the Rec Centre,
  • The library is very welcoming and a community hub for groups and activities,
  • A bigger space is needed including dedicated quiet spaces, larger children’s areas, teen/youth areas,
  • Parking is a challenge,
  • More natural light is needed

For updates on the project please continue to visit this page.

For more information about the feasibility study please contact the Peace River Regional District at 1.250-784.3200

Current Events!

On November 28, 2017 a public meeting was held at the Cottonwood Hall at the Chetwynd and District Rec Centre. The following is an overview of the information provided to attendees.

Leighton McCarthy, from Library Planning Consultants, provided a power point presentation that provided information regarding;

  • The study objectives – to determine the best option for moving library services forward in the community served by the Chetwynd Public Library.
  • The methodology that was used throughout the project including;
    • Internal research
    • External research
    • Application of accepted library standards and best practices
    • Comparison to what other similar communities are doing
    • Best practices
  • The public engagement strategies used
    • Stakeholder Interviews
    • Public Survey
  • Key themes from the Community
    • Bigger space is needed
    • The current location should be maintained
    • A dedicated quiet space is desirable
    • A larger children’s area is wanted
    • A teen/youth area should be created
    • There should be a greater influx of natural light
    • That the library is very welcoming and a community hub
    • Additional multi-purpose space is needed
  • Current space requirements and extrapolated future space requirements
    • Discussion around the space requirements for the bistro/coffee corner should it be included
    • Discussion around the meeting spaces and whether meeting spaces should be included
  • Presented options available to the Chetwynd Public Library based on public and stakeholder input as well as professional experience – narrowing the options to 3;
    • Renovate and rejuvenate the existing building
    • Build a standalone library on one of the two lots near the town centre
    • Build the library addition to existing recreation centre
  • Proposed that the ‘preferred option’ is to build the library onto the recreational centre and presented the preliminary location to build onto the facility.
  • Laid out the capital costs for the option of adding the library onto the recreational centre (without bistro and without library meeting spaces).

Final Reports and Information

Thank you for your interest in the Chetwynd Library Feasibility Study Project. You will find here the final reports and documents that have been produced for the project. The information displayed here has been gathered in order to gain further insight as to public priorities for the library! Please note, the presented layout of the facility is a representation of how much space is needed only and more work will be required before a layout is confirmed.

Click here to look at the infomation boards that were displayed around the District of Chetwynd in November, 2017 that were providing information on the project, including a “preferred concept” for the facility.

Click here to read the executive summary from the final report, which will give you a brief summary of the project.

Click here to read the complete final report

Click here to read the original public engagement summary document from June, 2017

For more information about the feasibility study, please contact the Peace River Regional District at 1.250.784-3200 or start the conversation on the final tab of this Engage! page.

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