Easter is coming!

Is it already March? Easter is just around the corner. Today’s blog is about using extra materials around the house to make Easter decorations!

Decorating is a lot of fun, but it does add to the expenses and waste around any holiday. This year see if you can find things around the house to upcycle and reuse into Easter decorations. There are plenty of items that just need a little something extra to create beautiful décor.

Jars and bottles

When it comes to glass jars and bottles the possibilities are endless! Take some paint, coloured paper, or tape and you’ve got a masterpiece. Here are some ideas to spark your creative mind!


Just planning to recycle all your extra newspapers? Think again! These ideas are a great way to make eco-friendly decor.

Food Scraps

Did you know you could dye Easter eggs with your food scraps? Check out these different mixtures used to dye eggs naturally!

Let the PRRD know about your recycled Easter decor ideas! Finally, if you liked this post please share, like and subscribe!

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