Donnie Creek/Tommy Lakes Evacuation Alert

The Peace River Regional District has issued an Evacuation Alert for the Donnie Creek and Tommy Lakes areas. BC Wildfire Service has recommended an evacuation alert as a result of the Donnie Creek Wildfire.  This area is primarily used by forestry, and gas and oil industry operations.

Because of the potential danger to life and health, the Donnie Creek/Tommy Lakes Evacuation Alert is in effect for the following areas:

  • km 77 and north to km 89 on Tommy Lakes Road,
  • extending east to Wendy Lake,
  • to the border with the Norther Rockies Regional Municipality in the North.

An Evacuation Alert has been issued to prepare you to evacuate your premises or property should it be found necessary. Residents will be given as much advance notice as possible prior to an evacuation; however, you may receive limited notice due to changing conditions.

This is the time to GET PREPARED to leave the area on short notice.  

  • Industry and other area users should be prepared to shut down operations and evacuate the area immediately.
  • Refer to your emergency operational plan and risk assessment for a wildfire evacuation.
  • Locate all staff and contractors and ensure they are aware of your evacuation plan should an Evacuation Order be called.
  • Sign up for North East BC Emergency notifications at
  • For camps and other accommodations, use the Evacuation Alert Checklist at
  • Pack essential items such as government-issued ID, medications, eyeglasses, cell phone & charger and, if time and space permits, keepsakes for quick departure.

Additional information about the evacuation will be posted at 

BC Wildfire Is responsible for the wildfire firefighting response. For updates and additional information visit

Tommy Lakes Evacuation Alert – May 13, 2023

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