DIY Valentine

Happy February everyone! Today’s pRRRdy Talks Trash post is about upcycled Valentine’s day cards, gifts and décor!

Upcycling means to reuse old objects or materials to create new creative products! For example you can upcycle old barn wood to make furniture. However today’s ideas will not be as much work.

DIY Cards

Making cards by hand can make Valentine’s Day that much more meaningful. These ideas are perfect for kids classes or maybe even for coworkers!

  • Newspaper and Watercolour Cards. Check out this link for the instructions on how to create these colourful cards. 
  • Reuse old Christmas Cards! Time to use all those Christmas cards that you got over the holidays. Cut heart shapes out of the fronts and use those to make a new card. You can also do this with old magazines.

DIY Decorations

Try some of these simple DIY decorations ideas to make your home feel like Valentines Day.

  • Wine Bottle Décor. Spray paint empty wine bottles red and pink. Maybe even paint or glue cute quotes or words on them.
  • Heart Shaped Wreaths. Use a wire clothes hanger and old fabric to make heart shaped wreaths! Check out these other wreath ideas here. 

DIY Gifts

  • Sweater Mittens! Cut out the pieces from an old sweater and sew together. See the tutorial here

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