Development Permit

Where a parcel of land is within a development permit area the landowner must obtain a development permit before the land is subdivided or the construction of, addition to or alterations of a building or other structure on the land is started.  Additionally, a development permit may be required before the land is altered or a building or other structure on the land is altered.

The Regional District has designated development permit areas to meet one or more of the following objectives:
a)  to establish objectives for the form and character of residential, commercial or industrial development;
b)  to protect the natural environment, its ecosystem, and biological diversity;
c)  to protect farming; and
d)  to protect life and property from hazardous conditions.

The PRRD development permit area requirements and maps are listed below.

Commercial Development Permit Area No. 1 (Electoral Area C)

Industrial Development Permit Area No. 2 (Electoral Area C)

Charlie Lake Development Permit Area No. 3 (Within portions of Electoral Areas B and C)

Agriculture Development Permit Area No. 4 (Electoral Area C)

Old Fort Development Permit No. 5 (Electoral Area C)

Fey and Romedo Springs Development Permit Area (Electoral Area B)

Swan Lake Development Permit Area (Electoral Area D)

Please refer to the Lakeshore Guidelines when considering developments close to lakes.

When considering a development please check with a land-use planner to confirm whether the proposal meets regulatory requirements, or requires an application.