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DVP 19-091



MOVED Director Rose, SECONDED Director Goodings,
That the Regional Board authorize Development Variance Permit No. 19-091, to increase the maximum accessory building floor area from 232 square metres (2,496 square feet) to 281 square metres (3,024 square feet), an increase of 49 square metres (528 square feet) or 21%, for the property legally described as Lot 1, District Lot 484, Peace River, Plan PGP45135.


Applicant: Edward Penner, Coralee Penner

Summary: Proposed Development Variance Permit for increased acessory building size in the Jackfish Lake area

Electoral Area: Area E

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Deadline: September 4, 2019 4:00 pm

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Status Updates

Sep 5, 2019

Regional Board issued Development Variance Permit No. 19-091