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DVP 19-087



MOVED Director Bertrand, SECONDED Director Goodings,
That the Regional Board authorize Development Variance Permit No. 19-087, to reduce the required setback for principal buildings or structures from the proposed eastern interior side parcel line from 3.0 metres to 1.5 metres for the property legally described as (Proposed) Lot A, Section 17, Township 84, Range 19, W6M, Peace River, a decrease of 50%, to bring the existing home into compliance with ‘PRRD Zoning Bylaw No. 1343, 2001’; and further, that Development Variance Permit No. 19-087 be issued following Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure’s approval of subdivision (MoTI File No. 2019-00327), updated with the subject property’s post-subdivision legal description.

The subdivision has been completed and the DVP has been issued.


Applicant: Tryon Land Surveying Ltd. as agent for Eduard Schaefer, Valentina Schaefer, Inna Schaefer, Richard Middleton and Stephanie Craig

Summary: Proposed Development Variance Permit requesting relief from meeting the required setback in Charlie Lake

Electoral Area: Area C

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Status Updates

Aug 8, 2019

Regional Board approved DVP 19-087 subject to subdivision approval by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure