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23-001 TUP



That the Regional Board respectfully refuse Temporary Use Permit No. 23-001, to allow an asphalt plant on the property identified as PID: 009-937-072 for a term of 3 years, as the subject property is within the Geotechnical Study Area of the North Peace Fringe Area Official Community Plan, Bylaw 2460, 2021 wherein further analysis is required with regards to slope stability being undertaken by the Ministry of Transportation, prior to other land uses being considered.


Applicant: Deasan Holdings Ltd.

Summary: Proposed Temporary Use Permit to allow operation of a 150 tonne asphalt plant, 9913 240 near Fort St John

Electoral Area: Area C

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In progress

May 18, 2023

Regional Board to consider Temporary Use Permit 23-001

May 18, 2023

The Regional Board refused Temporary Use Permit 23-001