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OCP Zn 140/2016



Applicant: Shaman

Summary: Proposed OCP/Zoning amendment, Grandhaven area

Electoral Area: Area C

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Status Updates

Jun 23, 2016

Application Received

Jan 4, 2017

Public Hearing held

Feb 9, 2017

3rd Reading and Adoption of Bylaws 2259 and 2260, 2016 deferred until the North Peace Fringe Area OCP is complete

Jul 25, 2019

RD/19/07/10 (25)
MOVED Director Rose, SECONDED Director Goodings,
That ‘Official Community Plan and Zoning Amendment Bylaws No. 2259 and 2260, 2016’ be reconsidered at the August 8, 2019 Board meeting.