Staff Directory

Dawson Creek Head Office

PO Box 810
[1981 Alaska Avenue]
Dawson Creek, BC V1G 4H8
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Telephone: 250-784-3200
Toll-free: 800-670-7773
Fax: 250-784-3201

Fort St John Branch Office

9505 100 Street
Fort St. John, BC V1J 4N4
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Telephone: 250-785-8084
Toll-free 800-670-7773
Fax: 250 785-1125

Charlie Lake Fire Department

13065 Fire Hall Road
Charlie Lake, BC
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Mailing Address:
PO Box 810
Dawson Creek, BC V1G 4H8

Hall Telephone: 250-785-1424

Moberly Lake Fire Department

6492 Lakeshore Drive
Moberly Lake, BC
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Mailing Address:
PO Box 810
Dawson Creek, BC V1G 4H8

Telephone: 250-219-8245


Individual Contacts

*All numbers are prefixed with 250

Shawn Dahlen, Chief Administrative Officer 784-3208
Tyra Henderson, Corporate Officer 784-3216
Joanne Caldecott, Deputy Corporate Officer 784-3207
Vacant, Electoral Area Manager 784-3233
Becky Gelsthorpe, Executive Assistant 784-1167
Suzanne Garrett, Corporate Services Coordinator 784-3206
Jenni Griffiths, Legislative Services Clerk 784-3223
Carmen Willms, Electoral Area Administrative Clerk 784-4842
Stephanie Lacey, Administrative Clerk / Receptionist (Fort St. John) 785-8084
Lisa Grant, Administrative Clerk / Receptionist (Dawson Creek) 784-3200
Corporate Communications
General Enquiries and Media Requests
Annette Andrews, Communications Manager 784-4848
Kassandra Foster, Communications Coordinator 784-3200
IT Services
Trevor Ouellette, IT Manager 784-4843
Michael Dela Cruz, IT Coordinator 784-3210
Aden Fulford, GIS Coordinator 784-3237
Judith Chinn, GIS Technologist 784-3230
Shannon O’Reilly, GIS Technician 784-3200
Terri Henrickson, Regional Connectivity Coordinator
Community Services
Kevin Clarkson, General Manager of Community Services 784-3218
Vacant, Protective Services Manager 784-3222
Ryan Kirkham, Protective Services Coordinator 784-3215
Darcy Guay, Health & Safety Officer 784-3226
Bryna Casey, Community Services Manager 784-4841
Jenna Shaw, Community Services Clerk 784-3211
Jennifer Bell, Parks and Rural Recreation Coordinator 784-3211
Charlie Lake Fire Department / Hall 785-1424
Edward Albury, Fire Chief 785-1424
Jessy Horsfield, Deputy Fire Chief / Training Officer 785-1424
Moberly Lake Fire Department / Hall
Vacant, Fire Chief 788-2611
Development Services
Development Services General Enquiries
Ashley Murphey, General Manager of Development Services 784-3204
Vacant, Planning Services Manager 785-8084
Jacqueline (Jacqui) Burton, Development Services Coordinator 784-4844
Devin Croin, Planner 3 219-4973
Adam Morton, Planner 2 784-3231
Ellen Watters, Planner 1 785-8084
Joshua Raposo, Planner 1 785-8084
Erin Price, Bylaw Enforcement Officer 784-3217
Building Inspection
Building Inspection General Enquiries
Cody Roberts, Building Inspector III 785-8084
Devon Bacon, Building Inspector I 784-3212
Environmental Services
Kari Bondaroff, General Manager of Environmental Services 784-3227
Daris Gillis, Environmental Services Manager 784-4845
Gerritt Lacey, Solid Waste Services Manager 784-3236
Loryn Day, Solid Waste Coordinator 219-5776
Anndrea Kellestine, Solid Waste Coordinator
Tyler Pare, Environmental Services Coordinator 219-2355
Field Services
Allen Tonn, Field Services Foreman 719-0021
Colin Bates, Solid Waste Foreman 719-0021
Josh Hoth, Field Services Labourer 719-0021
Erin Mclauchlan, Field Services Labourer 719-0021
Kyle Dayus, Field Services Labourer 719-0021
Bob Broughton, Field Services Labourer 719-0021
Roxanne Shepherd, Chief Financial Officer 784-3219
Kari Barber, Financial Services Manager 784-3221
Leanne Milliken, Procurement Officer 784-4840
Jody Schmidt, Investment Officer 784-0821
Jennifer Rudyk, Finance Coordinator 784-3225
Matthew Bascom, Grants Coordinator 784-3203
Shelley Seinen, Finance Clerk 784-3224
Deanne Steinke, Finance Clerk 784-3232
Shannon Vivone, Finance Clerk 784-3239
Symon Bouchard, Finance Clerk 784-3234
Jodi Hingley, Finance Clerk (Casual) 784-3209


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