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Solid Waste Management Plan Technical Advisory Committee


  • Member Municipalities'
  • First Nations
  • Waste Management Contractors and Partners
  • Public Agencies (MoECCS, etc.)
  • Private and Non-Profit Sectors
  • Industry and Institutional representatives
  • General public
  • Director Sperling (Chair)
  • Director Hiebert (Vice Chair)


Regional districts in British Columbia are mandated by the Provincial Environmental Management Act to develop Solid Waste Management Plans that provide long term visions of how each regional district manages their municipal and rural solid wastes and recyclables. The Peace River Regional District’s Solid Waste Management Plan was last amended in 2016 and the Regional District is currently reviewing and updating its Plan. The purpose of the joint Public and Technical Advisory Committee (PTAC) is to provide input, feedback on the Plan review, and to provide input and recommendations to the Peace River Regional District on proposed programs and policies that would make up the updated Regional Solid Waste Management Plan.
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